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New School
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xXxLady QxXx
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play hi-fi  Everything and Anything
play hi-fi  For the Love of it
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My way of thinking can be strictly base in a soulful and emotional state! I am currently 17 (2003), born and raise in SC, enjoy music (listening, singing and rapping), and love to write and free my mind. I've become more context historically & poetically. I've visualize my heart in a more reality atmosphere and address upon the difference between the unsubstantial (faux) and the substantial (real) way of living. Everything has become everything and the air I breathe has become sanitary! I definately love the sound of music; I love to sing and rap both! I'm trying to improve myself, I'm currently recording over computer until I do it way BIG! I need help/I need support/I need advice! Nevertheless, I love to review other artist's/unsigned artist's music and love to give compliments and advices, so if you're willing, I'm willing! Let's all keep music alive, in all that we both, do and hear!
ONE, It's Lady!!!
Why this name?
My stage name was given to me by my ex-boyfriend "Mr. J.B. who is also trying to make it BIG." My government name is LaQuanda; I'm a lady. Lady Quanda/Lady Q!
Do you play live?
I want to play live; I want to explore my talent in different parts of the world.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's a good promotion as well as great media to get your music heard.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Definately, if only I get to do my own style!!!
Your influences?
My musical influence is mainly oldies and old skool rap. But I also enjoy and idol: Monica, Eve, Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott etc... I idolize alot of musician's style who is out to do to keep that hip-hop and rap music alive!
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