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Moonlyn- Toronto's hottest new independent musical artist. Visit at:

Moonlyn got kicked out of her church choir and this changed her young mind forever... she decided to lead a new life and became more
carefree and uninhibited with her sexuality... this also inspired her to write music as far away from hymns as possible.

Moonlyn writes quirky, unique and erotic, alternative pop songs and sensual & passion driven love ballads.
She works alone and creates energetic original material that is refreshingly different from today's trends.
Moonlyn is self-managed and carves her own path with confidence.
Her popularity has increased underground, just by word-of-mouth. She emits a certain charm that keeps many coming back again and again. There is more to her than meets the eye and more of her yet to come...
Why this name?
i saw it on my birth certificate
Do you play live?
i play live all the time... if I start doing it when I'm dead that would be quite the show...
Your influences?
Mozart & Puccini & Satan
Favorite spot?
my g-spot
Equipment used:
PC, Korg electric piano, E-mu Proteus 2000, Behringer mixer.
Anything else...?
i love singing in the nude
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