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Established in 1996 and still moving through the underground world of hip hop and rap. MindState Records has been innovative and hi tech to every recording ahead of its time.
Check it out. It is me. Chris Mac and better known as Mac Nifty in the entertainment world coming to your from 8 Mile and Woodward Michigan. Everything you see and hear or maybe even taste! Is all me. I do not use a middle man for anything. Self owned and fully independant. Printing, recording, writing, drawing, video, sitework, whatever and whenever its here and out there. It is from me truley. So that could go for if you hate my f***ing guts or you are cool with me. If you sh*** on this music or you put the sh*** up high on some podium with accent lighting. Does not matter. It is me. I am that one man do everything type of person. That and greedy. haha. But i keep it real with you always. No bullshit, no scam, no solicitation or gimmick. I am a Producer, rapper, audio engineer and more! All the songs you hear. Guess what? Straight up real and made like your grandma made pie. From scratch!. Samples accumulated, sounds created, vocals mastered. Whatever it is. It is 100% Nifty baby.

Since 1988 I have been involved and love the aspect of sound creation with playback repeatedly. The power of low frequencies and the crisp sss in the highs. I grew up in a f***ed up household. Total broken home. Lied to and raised to be on some good guy list. It wasnt until i was older realizing where i had grown was crap. Amongst the fairy tale life i was raised it was all broken at the age of 14. Divorce insued amongst the parents. My mother had left the home. I was left with the father. Who then felt if she left then i dont need to handle this responsibility either. I was booted to the curb. To fend in the real world.. on my own.

It was'nt easy to get where I am now. And have over 48 hours! of music produced and ready to put into your Super Audio CD players. Or Blu Ray.

Or your cheap quality audio iPods. (mp3 means shitty.)( i have 32bit recorders and production equipment. then you listen on a mp3.. blah)

I was not able to actually start putting out records until I was fully on my own and settled somewhere to actually put it together. This happened in Hazel Park 1 mile north of Detroit on John R road in some party pad penthouse above a hall and hole in the wall restaurant. Those were some good times. And that was my big start. 1996!

MindState Records was then established and created for real for real people. Trademark registered, merchant accounts created, stage name created and I ran with it. One thing with being independant. Nobody can stop you!

Mac Nifty has been member to various group/s projects as well. Tempts Eve Posse, Bass Tracers, Lyrical Assassins, Sewer Sounds, Creepy Pimps and the Gawdy Brothers. I also have other rap names I go by such as Detroit Sykoe (psycho) and G Gawdy. I have picked them up along the way of my life and styles I have been in and through or still living today.

I am bipolar, I have ADD, ADHD and can be a mental wreck on you! haha. I am polish and proud, german and proud. African and proud. Indian and proud. I even have a skull feature I will bet nobody you have ever met has. It is the Mulungeon skull. A class of people kept secret or stayed secret in these states we live in. Barked upon worse than blacks in the past. The ultimate white trash survivor? That is what history states pretty much. But say otherwise. My IQ is 1 out of every million americans. My skillz prove so. In my freetime i airbrush, draw, do something mechanical like weld, fabricate, invent, wire such as the only wireless solid steel, heavy duty arcade buttons XBOX 360 arcade joystick! You cannot buy it anywhere on the planet. I have it. And can build you one for 80 bucks. I am an excellent lover and an excellent hater. Please do not expect me to be like you. I simply am not. You might consider me wierd or unique. At times I even have a psychic ability. Uncommanded and never know when it comes. But when something pops in my head and i mention it. Do it. It will be true.

Think out of the box people! Stand up for yourself and your life you have to live in this great nation of America.

I have more music than anyone in the greater Detroit area and beyond. More than your boy Michael Jackson, more music than Dr. Dre, Eminem, Dayton Family, Esham, and keeps going on and on. The music and lyrics are from my real life. From my past to my present and beyond. There is alot I do not put into my songs such as gang life, murder, robbery, cheaters, and other situations I do not beleive I need to spit to prove my shit. You have alot of acts think music hard needs some fake truths involved like dope dealing or being some bad ass that is probably sure to run. If i said it, then i done it. But that is not the point of music. The music is simply mood and hype, energy and boom! Feel your car shake if your subbed up with amps and push power down the streets you ride.

Band History:
MindState Records was founded by $ykoe of the Tempts Eve Posse in 1996.

Credits: Chris Mac (mac nifty)

MindState continues to grow but at all times holding firm in its current and growing position in the underworld of rap music.
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