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Welcome to my page. Here you will get a taste of music from all different styles. Enjoy and leave feedback, like it or not.


Rich Muzik Entertainment
A label with big plans, and soon to be a multi-million dollar record company. RME has the focus to pursue many business endeavors such as Real Estate, Clothing lines, and owning different types of clubs. The company is in the process of releasing a host of mixtapes and albums from Rich and other inspired artist that are on the label.

For the past 10 years, Brandon Richardson ( Rich ) has been writing and creating songs for a hobby. On September 18 2004, when his little girl was born his eyes were open and he knew that instant that music was his calling. Rich has an extreme talent for catchy hooks such as “ Big Wheels,” “I Cant Run,” and plenty more. Recently Rich has expanded his talents to making beats and engineering. There are many individuals that influence Rich to create dope music from celebrity artists such as Jay- Z, Lil Wayne, and Cassidy to a host of independent artist and RME artist. Next up on Rich list is Necessary Muzik a mixtape which is dated to be released December 2006. The Mixtape includes production from Embassy, Phoenix, Rich, and Urban Tactics, so lookout for that. A native from Baltimore, Maryland, Rich is still young (23) but feels he has done a lot and still feels he has a lot to accomplish. Moving all around the Maryland area from Baltimore, Edgewood, Darlington, to Havre de Grace, Rich landed himself into the Army in 2002. The Army has produced many opportunities for him from almost landing a music deal with BMG to performing live in a range of places from Germany, Georgia, to Alabama. In September 2006 the official music and labels site Rich Muzik will be launched ( ) Rich is ½ CEO of Rich Muzik and has a good ear for good music. “ Our motivation and goal is to give the audience Hot music, It seems wherever I go I leave an undeniable presence and I’m felt” says Rich. This is why Rich and RME is the future of Hip-Hop and is the new movement people should be apart of. “ Rich Muzik….We got now, we don’t care who got Next.”

Why this name?
I always been called Rich all my life, so I just stuck with it. Also, come and visit &
Do you play live?
When doing a show.
PreWritten ( Intermission )$.99
Big Wheels$1.99
I Stay High$1.99
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How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Gives people more exposure, and alllows your music to be heard worldwide not just locally.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
RichMuziK Entertainment
Band History:

4 Mixtapes
- I’m Ready Vol.1 ( Solo Mixtape ) I 08/2003
- I’m Ready Vol. 2 ( Solo Mixtape ) I 05/2005
- Rich Muzik Mixtape ( Members Section Mixtape ) I 10/2006
- Necessary Muzik ( Solo Mixtape ) I 12/2006

1 Upcoming Album
- PreWritten ( TBA )
Favorite spot?
Anything else...?
I want to thank everyone who has been coming to my site on a regular basis showing love, its appreciated...Necessary Muzik coming March.
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