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Cannabis Sativa
NEWS   Cannabis Sativa is completing the new album soon.
Ivy League / MV / Aneurysm / Extinction
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started in 1995 in columbia tennessee,

we have been a band, with numerous members over the years.

our sound archives:
Why this name?
cause we advocate the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana, we have also used the names toxic cry, c.s., h-bomb and others at live events that wouldnt let us use our offical recording and studio name of cannabis sativa. for a short *very short* time in the early 21st century we were contemplating to changing our name to "the cannabis sativa sound" but that was too pink floyd for us =)
Do you play live?
we have played over 54 live shows but have not played live since 8/10/2001, other than a few parties, mainly been focusing on studio stuff lately.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
we were amongst the first bands to release music on the internet.. it totally changed the model for which music was distributed.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
maybe. NOT. we had our experience with universal.. and it sucked.. no wonder why kurt cobain is no longer with us.
Band History:
Rick M. - Guitars/vocals/Mixing/Bass (1995-Present)
Mikey B - bass/drums (2003 - present)
Wayne H. - Guitars/Bass (1995-2000, 2004- present)
Nate"mullet"-Drums (2009-2010)
Nick-Guitars (1999-2000, 2007-)
Ryan (Tennessee)Lyricsist (2007-)
John C,- Bass (1995-2000)
Tim W.- Keyboards (1995-2000)
Mikey H. - Drums (1995-96)
derrik - drums (1996)
Joe/tim - Drums (1998)
Ben R. - Drums (2008-2009)
Dylan - Drums (2000-2003)
Corey - drums (2002)
Joel lee - bass/drums (2001-2002)
\Nicole - Drums (2001-2004)
Mikey B - bass/drums (2003 - present)
Naitsrik - electronicon (2006-present)
Jordan - bass (2004-2006)
Brie - Guitar/vocals (2004)
Jolena - Vocals (2004)
Allison M. - (2004)
Alyssia appears on the violet cover (2000)
sarah burdette woodwins - 1998-2000
boat - spiritual guidance 1996-present
Candace - offical hairdresser (2001-2009)
Your influences?
Pink floyd
syd barrett *rip*
the beatles
dinosaur jr
sonic youth
foo fighters
cypress hill
immortal technique
greatful dead
utopian anarchists around the universe
ray bradbury
william s. burroughs
douglas adams
all our friends and family
Favorite spot?
boston, sacto, tn, humboldt
Equipment used:
a mixture of analog and digital sources make for good baking fun.
Anything else...?
we would like to thank in no particular order for the years of friendship and support:
Kat and deaver, Nee, Plow, Starla, Manderin, The families of all the band members past and present who have delt with our sonic embellishments, the gracious framingham public for tolerating our exsistance, nicole, candace, elyse, katy for the years of photo archiving, sarah's across the globe,
people who arent racist and are tolerant to there fellow human being and civil libertarians and fellow green party members across the world, adam and christina, Chrybu, amanda, jen F. of west west west framingham, Melissa, Jeff C., The Cherrokee nation for helping us in our dire time of need in the dark days of 1996, all oppressed people across the globe, all victims of war, all victims of a man named bush and his cronies.
We would also like to thank people for there 15 years of support and friendly listening habits. It has been a joy making music for you peoples. =) - Rick
game over lp
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