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Sheister is a Metal/Jazz/Punk/Funk band from Southern California.
They are currently working on new material following an 11 Year Silence after they put their four song demo in 1996. The Rev and Sam are now in Samsarra and Juggling Chainsaws as well, both of which can be found here on Soundclick as well as on MySpace.

Scott also hosts a metal show on as The Rev.
Why this name?
I guess it just kind of came to us an alternative to the whole heavy metal satan thing.
Do you play live?
Every show I have ever played in my life was a special moment.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
of course
Band History:
Terry Casserly-Bass & Backing vocals
Ramon Salas-Drums
German Ruiz-Guitar & Backing Vocals
Sam McPherson-Guitar & Backing Vocals
Scott Braden Schwartz- Lead Vocals

The first four guys wrote music and practised for 7 months. Then they booked a show and asked Scott to sing 9 days before this huge public event at People's Park in Isla Vista , California. some of the songs had lyrics that scott wrote less than two hours before the performance-Scott had lyric sheets taped to the stage-lol- all went quite well.
Your influences?
Hard to say- too many.
Dead Kennedy's to Deicide.
Favorite spot?
Santa Barbara