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Noel Downs and Friends
NEWS   Two Songs made the final of the 2007 Tamworth Songwriters Assoc South East Queensland Branch, Amatuer Traditional Ballad they were

"Old Bob" and "Tipper"

Old Bob Won smile :)
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Hi I'm Noel and I write poetry, ballads, and lyrics. The songs here are collaborations I've taken part in. I mostly either only write the lyric or collaborate on the lyric but occasionally I will do a melody too.

If you are interested in using any of the songs here, please feel free to contact me.

I am also looking for songwriters who are interested in my kind of lyrics to collaborate with.
Why this name?
It's just an Alis Take off of Witch Dr and Dr Who. I was using it as a chat name and it went from there :o)
Do you play live?
No I don't play live. When I try to the most popular request I get is "Don't Sing"
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Digital technology has breathed life back into the independent writers and given them a chance to get their work heard by the wider community. These opportunities were slipping away under the control of money Labels.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell Yes
Band History:
I was born in East Fremantle in Western Australia in 1964. Prior to 1997, most of my life was spent on the move. I served in the Army for thirteen years, worked as a stockman, farm labourer, horse breaker, computer programmer, I.T. manager and most recently office manager for an Aboriginal Land Council. I have seen a lot of Australia and finally settled in a place that feels like home, where Christine and I breed Arabian horses. I have always liked writing but didn’t seriously start until 1989. My passion is ballads, and I see myself more of a folk writer than anything else. My words will lend themselves to any gene, mostly country/ country pop/ country rock. If push comes to shove I can play a passable chord progression on my guitar but I prefer to let composers with real talent and feel for music make great words greater songs. I have had some success at competition level.

SCALA, Amateur Songwriter 1999 Highly Commended
Parkes CMS, Songwriter 1999 Commended
Tamworth Songwriters Assoc, Lyric only 2000 Top 6 Finalist
Redgum Festival, Lyric only 2000 Top 5 finalist
Illabo CMS, Songwriter 2001 Winner
Tamworth Songwriters Assoc, Lyric only 2002 Top 6 Finalist
Tamworth Songwriters Assoc, Amateur Section 2003 Semi Finalist
Tamworth Songwriters Assoc, Lyric only 2004 Winner
Tamworth Songwriters Assoc South East Queensland Branch, Lyric only 2004 Winner
Tamworth Songwriters Assoc South East Queensland Branch, Proffessional Section Songwriter 2005 Finalist
Tamworth Songwriters Assoc South East Queensland Branch, Amatuer Traditional Ballad 2007 Winner
Tamworth Songwriters Assoc, Lyric only 2009 Top 6 Finalist

Beyond poetry and lyrics I have also written a couple of short stories.

I am looking for a composer or band to work with on a regular basis so we can experiment and develop a style. Someone who I can argue and disagree with, then drink beer with and work out how best to make it work instead of going separate ways. Someone who I can bounce ideas off and is willing to do the same.…

I have two country pop lyrics in the Shania style that I believe have commercial value. So if you write that kind of music and sing in that style and are looking for the next "That don't impress me" call me….

I think I've blown my own trumpet long enough now
Your influences?
Chad Morgan, Mike Nesmith, Beatles, Hot Choclate, Meatloaf
Favorite spot?
See Band Pic. I live in the shed in the middle. 50 acres of valley and it's all mine! This is taken while standing in the Nature reserve that my place backs on to.
Equipment used:
Pen and Paper, Guitar
Anything else...?
Thanks for taking the time to visit :)

All the songs are worth a listen but I really like I followed the Call, To the beat of the pipes and drum, Karin, Mary and Ethane, I want to be a ringer and Where do you now lie :)
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