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Winter Solstice 2016
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A point in time as we journey through life...this was my day...won't you come along! smile :)
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Welcome to the music of JOHN R CAL. Years of study and performance experience have culminated in a wide variety of styles and textures. Life mirrored in sound. His love of a variety of different genres reflects in the wide scope his original music encompasses. The music ranges from vocal pop to heavy rock, full length instrumentals and film/television cues. All musical arrangements are composed, arranged and produced by JOHN R CAL. All instruments are performed or programmed by JOHN R CAL. Vocals are performed by JOHN R CAL. Currently working on new music,including song, instrumental, film/television cues, as well as collaborating with songwriters on various projects. Write what you feel, feel what you write! Go ahead, listen to the music!!

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