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Brad Wolfe
Komo Beatz
For You (w/ Hook & Verse) *SMASH HIT*
Instrumentals with Hooks
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Brad Wolfe grew up between the Santa Cruz Mountains and San Francisco Bay, in Los Altos, CA, located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Brad has followed his musical passion and developed a catalog of original material reflecting his great depth, spanning the emotional gamut from sweet, to sad, to humorous.
Band History:
Brad began writing songs during his sophomore year in high school when, instead of completing the assigned poetry project, Brad decided to set his original work to music in front of his English class. By the end of the day, everyone was talking about Brad’s classroom concert. From that day on, songwriting became Brad’s hobby. Yet, Brad kept his music to himself, playing mostly for his close friends. Four years later, while Brad was studying at Stanford University, his best friend Sara was diagnosed with a cancer that proved to be terminal. During Sara’s battle, Brad spent nearly every day by her bedside singing his original songs for her—often times Brad’s music was the only thing that seemed to ease her pain. Through this experience Brad came to realize the power of music as a form of communication, and upon Sara’s death he committed himself to sharing his music with the world.

Now at just 23 years of age, Brad recently graduated with honors from Stanford University where he was active in community service and politics, having been elected president of his class. Brad is currently continuing his education at Stanford by completing a master’s degree in Organizational Behavior. Yet, despite a rigorous academic life, Brad is committed to his musical passion. Over the past year, Brad has graduated from the songwriting program at the premier institution for the study of contemporary music, Berkelee College. Recently Brad has been joined in the studio and mentored by world-renowned musicians such as Polo Jones (Bass, Whitney Houston, Woodstock 2) and Steve Bowman (Drums, Counting Crows). One of Brad’s songs climbed the rankings at Garageband.com and garnered the distinction among reviewers as the most original out of the 10,000-plus songs on the site. His live performances are also drawing attention from the Bay Area music community. After his first San Francisco show at the prestigious Tongue and Groove, he was offered a monthly show at the venue. His now regular SF club dates are filled not only with great music, but also with amazing energy from a passionate following of young and old alike.

Brad’s superb songwriting ability is highlighted by his clever lyrics, outstanding vocals and unique guitar sounds. So take a listen for yourself, and discover Brad Wolfe, one of the next great songwriters of his generation.
Your influences?
Tracy Chapman, Pearl Jam, Cat Stevens, Counting Crows
Favorite spot?
San Francisco