Daddy SAJ
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Daddy SAJ is Sierra Leone's top rapper - bringing a new genre of music to Africa and beyond.

His first album 'Corruption e do so', meaning in Krio, corruption - enough is enough, struck a chord not only in Sierra Leone, but across Africa reports the BBC.

The 26-year-old sees his mission to make great music with a message, in a society where corruption is on the rise.

"Most musicians sing about love and women, but I'm different," he says.

After the decade-long civil war ended in 2002, corruption in Sierra Leone, West Africa has become a way of life, a way to survive, he says.

His new album Densay Densay (Rumours, Rumours), also aims to change attitudes, with sexual harassment his next target.

Women in Sierra Leone often have no choice but to sleep with their employers to keep their jobs, he says.

"In my song Watin dae be - what's happening, I tell the bosses and the big guns that it's a bad practice.

"So the government and media will take up the message that it's not a way of life."
Why this name?
At the age of eight, Daddy Saj, whose name is short for sir junior, joined a church choir and in his teens he found inspiration from western rap artistes.

But his rap is a blend of hip hop and traditional goombay music. With lyrics in Krio, Sierra Leone's national language, he says, his music has more impact.

"When you sing in your own tongue, people feel it more, because they can understand it."