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dj proper
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dj proper was born nov 13 1978 in staten island,nyc. His music is based on the mission to spread love worldwide and work with the most positive artist of this generation. The mixtapes from his early days are a combinition of remixes authorized by bands such as black eyed peas & nas . The albums have his personal selection of favorite tunes highly influenced by close bands such as living legends and kanye west.
Why this name?
honestly i was reading the bible and it said everything has a "proper" time. i feel life is hard on people .we all need to have faith & know God will get us through the good & bad times. everything has its right time and looking for answers to why things happen sometimes is impossible .i took the name because alot of people be " that was a proper set it made me dance" ...or hear people say" that was proper" when i play them a beat that we working on...
Do you play live?
yes i play shows and love it 2 the max. i have opened for acts like aceyalone and worked with living legends on stuff. my friend rilla is scarubs dj ...i feel alot of history seeing them come up from nada ....it is really special to me >they are some good live performers.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
talk about several BILLION people doing their thing>
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
you are joking right..lets just say as long as my music can come out true >
Band History:
Your influences?
pete rock,nas,kanye west,dre,snoop,common,mos def,fugees, tribe, legends, little john , ambassador,t-bone, gangstar,busta ryhemes, empd,calvin hill,mastermind,kid simple,emery,flip the soulfisher, black eyed peas , poet, laidlaw,dilinja ,andy c,metal headz,hive, james brown, al green, bad company, bruce hornsby, bob marley, grateful dead, sublime, system of a down, whitney houston,alica keys,stevie wonder, rolling stones, guns n roses, red hot chili peppers, ok i love music i could keep going for days
Favorite spot?
los angeles and new york>sorry thats family and weather....i am worldwide
Equipment used:
fruity loops,acid , reason,project 5, sonar, and emulator x from emu
Anything else...?
all i got to say is God bless every1 worldwide ,peace ,love, and good music>holla fam
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