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Frenzy Frenchy
Forbidden (x MadReal)
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play hi-fi  Nice Try
play hi-fi  It's On!
play hi-fi  Pay Us No Mind
play hi-fi  Ex Man
play hi-fi  Name Not Needed
play hi-fi  Wit Everything I Do
play hi-fi  Dayum!
play hi-fi  Devil's Night
play hi-fi  Silverback
play hi-fi  Brown Frown
Grown Man Hip Hop
Why this name?
Used to email rhymes to members of my group. We were an E-Crew at first because we went to seperate universities.
Do you play live?
Yup. In my basement.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Looking to collab with emcees.
Your influences?
Anybody on the MPC Forums.
Favorite spot?
"Cleveland is the city where we come from so run"
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