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The Radio Devils
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play hi-fi  TRD W/Matt Powell - Chill 1 (Jam)
play hi-fi  Vagina Village Massacre
play hi-fi  Kate
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play hi-fi  Chupacabre (Old Version)
play hi-fi  Jam 1 (BASS) 10-22-08 MIX6 Bright
play hi-fi  Jam 2 (BASS) 10-22-08 MIX6 Bright
play hi-fi  The Radio Devils - Heels
We are "The Radio Devils" from Houston, TX. All original Rock/Rockabilly/Punkish mixture of everything good! Been going through a few personnel changes - so the tracks vary drastically. Check 'em out!
Why this name?
Our 3rd name, and I believe Adrian came up with it.
Do you play live?
We play at Fitzgerald's, Sharkey's, Engine Room, and Ranch-A-Palooza
Your influences?
Everything from Fugazi and Jesus Lizard, to Jimmy Hendrix, Smashing Pumkins, to Jazz (MMW and Bela Fleck), to electronic stuff and even some dance!
Equipment used:
Blood, Sweat, and INSTRUMENTS!
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