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Bill Ely Band
Dec 31, 2012
Bill Ely Band
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HOT new tune for BEB crashes into you!!!!!
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Some of the most talented regional players have set in on recording sessions and performed live with BEB. Not a "perfect" music by any means, BEB music has been called "under produced" and in todays over produced, super over compressed sounds a music more subtle can easily be called under produced. Bill takes great pride and has spent many, many hours to bring the listener a grass roots, back to basics music with a smooth ride that's capable of a 5.0 1/4 mile. Not only that but music that is recorded less complicated is not only easier but way more fun to play live!!
Why this name?
Brad Talley (lap steel) and his cousin (bass player) Chad Smith named the band.
Do you play live?
BEB loves to play live!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The net gives us a freedom never had by independent artist 20 years ago.
People all over the world are listening to BEB ! ! Thanks you all so much for liking our music ! ! ! !
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No. However, all BEB songs are for sale!! Also, Bill will write songs for you or your project, Bill will record and produce a song or an album for you if you have the cash.
Band History:
In Oct. 1997 Bill began writing songs for the upcoming project later to be named Bill Ely Band. In 1998 Bill began recording demo songs for the first BEB CD at Cherry Ave. studio in Madison, NC. In the late fall/early winter of 1998 Bill met Brad Tally (lap Steel guitar)and his cousin, (bass player) Chad Smith. They named the band and we started laying trax down in may 1999. Brad had to leave the band before we finished the CD, Travis Comer came in and we completed the work, Travis left the following year but both musicians left me with some really great music ! ! !
Your influences?
Bill's influences are (but not limited to) Moby Grape, Billy Nicholls, Nilsson, John Hartford, Revis, Chevel, Alice n Chains, The Who, Dick Dale, Beatles, Cat Mother, Gram Parsons, the Dillards, and more.
Favorite spot?
Laguna Beach is a favorite spot. Ive been blessed to see a bunch of this great country traveling by ways and back roads. The path less traveled is my path.
Equipment used:
A Gibson L 6 of 1984 vintage is one of m favorite guitars. Acoustic guitar wise I found an 1982 Ibenez v320 that has "that" sound, the sound I look for, and hey! for a thousand dollars less than I expected!
Anything else...?
Check us out on myspace
BEB 2013
Al during recording session 2005
CDcover art from 2000 Never Let Go
BEB1999 LtoR Brad, Bill Tim Chad
Travis Come Live At Lera's
@the BLVD studio 2005
BEB 1999 @ Cherry Ave studios, NC
BEB April 2011
Bug On Fire
BEB 1999 @ chery Ave studio
2010 Logo
Travis Come Live At Lera's
BEB May 2011
Al Fair
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