Emcee Bullet
NEWS   Updated on Saturday, August 27, 2005:
The Lyrical Assassinz's album, "Simple Vision LP", is done. Began: August 4th, 2005/ Finished: August 25th, 2005

Update on Monday, 11/28/2005:
A soundclick for my Lyrical Assassinz's crew has been made. Go check it out at www.soundclick.com/gdubcent
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I'm Pakistani, but I grew up around people who rapped/listened to rap, so I got into hip hop music.

Emcee Bullet a.k.a Illosophee a.k.a God's Grandson/Satan's Sadist

Two of my favorite rappers are 'Gods' in one way or another, so this is how I put it:
Rakim = God MC
Nas = God's Son
Emcee Bullet= God's Grandson

Note: I am not claiming to be at the lyrical level of Nas & Rakim, I'm just letting y'all know where the name comes from. So, get the f*** off my nuts with comments like, "Why do you compare yourself to Nas?" "Why do you say you're on the same level as Rakim?" etc. Shut the f*** up, bi***(es)!
Why this name?
I began freestyling in the seventh grade (back in 2002), and back then, I would try to spit fast, so kids began calling me Bullet. I added the "Emcee" in the nickname. I was going to change my name because I found out that when I rap fast, I just mess myself up, but I couldn't think of a new name, so I kept the "Emcee Bullet" name.

Updated Tuesday, April 12, 2005:
I've got another rap name now. It's Illosophee (like "Philosophy". Pronounced: Ill-Os-Ah-Fee). I got the name from KRS-One's "My Philosophy". I was thinking about a new rap name, so I came up with Illosophee.
I decided to get two rap names because:
Emcee Bullet = Funny; serious (if I get dissed); sort of like Eminem's Slim Shady persona.
Illosophee = Rapping about life; racism; sort of like backpack rappers: Talib Kweli, Common, Kanye West, etc.
I was sort of getting tired of answering the same question: "Why is your rap name Emcee Bullet? You don't spit fast." I'm Emcee Bullet a.k.a Illosophee now. Feel it?
Do you play live?
When I "play live", I'm either battling some one or in a cypher. I usually do it at my friend's house, but lately I've been getting into it more at school because kids found out I rap. I love freestyling, but some kids take it too seriously. The only special moments I have, while battling, are when I win a battle.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I suppose so. I think it's dope how rappers, rockers, singers, producers, etc., can have their own little page to put up their music. I mean, not every one's going to get signed (I doubt I will), but it's still dope to know who's rapping and etc.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell yeah! I mean, it's not the money, I'm more into the fame. Not the fame where people will be chasing me every where I go, but the kind where people will know who I am when I step in a room to bust a rhyme. I would definitely sign to a major label if I could.
Band History:
The first battle I ever got into was in the 7th grade against some fat kid, named Nick (the irony, huh?), who choked, which meant that I won. The battle happened a day before 8 Mile came out in theatres, so I've been rap battling since 8 Mile came out. I've been rapping since November 7th, 2002.

I recently started to actually get into freestyling. I used to just write raps, but now I'm into freestyling, too. I just actually started freestyling more around October 2004 or something.

In the 8th grade (2003-2004), my friend, En-Kay (Nick Kelly), and I started our own label. It was a school thing and every one knew us. Some other cats began battling us/beefing with us and sometimes sh*** would get serious.
En-Kay got expelled from school because he was on a contract... whatever, I won't get into that. I was left alone, but then I got in a group with one of my friends, named One-Time (Donovan). I moved from Colton (I went to middle school there) to Moreno Valley (for high school), so I haven't seen En-Kay nor One-Time for a sick minute.

Updated Friday, June 10, 2005:
In Moreno Valley, I got accepted into a rap group, called Genocide. But for some reason (resaons vary from racism, to jealousy, etc.), I got dropped from the group. Of course, I wasn't an official member due to the fact that I had to rap battle an already existing member of the group and win to get in it, so I didn't trip off of them dropping me. I wasn't even an official member. They treated me like an official member, so I sort of claimed I was a part of their set... It didn't work out, so whatever. I'm not pissed, though.
Now I'm in a group with a friend of mine, called Lyrical Assassinz. My boy's name is Fait (short for "For All In Trouble") and his cousin, named Knawledge was in the crew, but he dropped out when some little past beef emerged again between us and some other bi***.. whatever. Fait brought a Blood in the crew, named Cyco Black a.k.a 9 Mill, and I brought in a friend of mine, named Thunda (www.soundclick.com/thunda2005). The newest member is a Crip, named Static. Fait brought him in because.. well, duke has skills.
Your influences?
Two of my favorite rappers of all time are Eminem and Nas. Other rappers/crews that I really believe are sick are:
Big L (R.I.P), Notorious B.I.G (R.I.P), Rakim, Papoose, D-12, AZ, Dipset (you gotta respect the movement, right?), Pharoah Monch, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Wu-Tang Clan, Jedi Mind Tricks, Jin Tha MC, Common, Immortal Technique and... Kanye West is pretty nice, too. I know I can add more to this list, but I'll leave it at that for now.
Favorite spot?
Moreno Valley because most of the people here are into the same things as me.

Updated Tuesday, 4/12/2005:
Also: Los Angeles because I was born there. Anyone ever heard of La Palma hospital? I don't like telling people that I was born in L.A because they think that I'm trying to be hard. WTF is that? Acting hard because I was born in L.A?
Anything else...?
Updated Tuesday, 4/12/2005:
Also, let me know if you've got any questions. I'll be proud to educate you fags and bi***es.

Emcee Bullet a.k.a Illosophee
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