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A listener's review: "Great retro-folk-rock sound, with cool acoustic lead, vocal harmonies, and a driving beat. Makes you feel the pain and the hurt." Alibis was # 1 in Top 10 downloads at for two months in a row!
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Kathy Unruh
Kathy Unruh
Sat Jan 22, 2005
Acoustic : Acoustic General
Take charge
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About the song
I wrote this song after reading the book "Child of Satan, Child of God" by Susan Atkins, who was Charles Manson's girlfriend. While reflecting on her story I recognized some similarities between her life and mine. The words flowed easily, as if they had always been there.

The song addresses the difficult issues of living in our modern society. Many people feel isolated and angry, but everyone is ultimately responsible for their own actions and decisions. (Romans 1:18-20)

verse 1:

She stands alone within a crowd of peers
Seeking refuge from her inner fears
But no one's listening to her silent song
It can't be heard unless you sing along


Feel the anger, cast the blame
Another victim in a world of pain
So many people harbor empty eyes
Voices echoing with alibis

verse 2:

The siren screams along the alley-way
As gunshot fire rings in another day
Hysterical parents shedding tears in vain
The evening news reveals another name

verse 3:

Perpetual motion of society
Keeps us moving on so frantically
But don't take time to stop and look around
You might not like the road your headed down

verse 4:

The answer is more than just an old cliche'
But will you choose the straight and narrow way?
The Savior alone can free imprisoned souls
Believe and say yes, or turn away and go-