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play hi-fi  Hospitalised By Telescopic Batons
play hi-fi  C.S. Spray Murdering Scum
play hi-fi  Interrogation, Investigation
play hi-fi  Get That Tit Off Yer Head
play hi-fi  Bow Street Bastards
play hi-fi  Raped By The System
play hi-fi  Jesus Is A Cunt
play hi-fi  Outro
play hi-fi  Censorship - Full Of sh*** (live)
play hi-fi  f***ed With A Crucifix (live)
Why this name?
Why do YOU think?
The Cops ain't there to protect you-they are hired mercenaries paid off to put you in your place with a truncheon smashed in to your face breaking your teeth out if you dare to question the powers that be.
Do you play live?
Well we play more live than PC Blakelock is nowadays.
We gig in every toilet available in the UK.
We bloody hate it and that's why we do it, we are masochist wasters.
Every gig has a special moment - we done over 89 of them so far so too many to choose.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It stops those greedy vultures profiteering off the back of the artist and paying tax to prop up the Police State.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No record company would have us because the Pigs have paid them off to ignore us.
Band History:
I'll type one up when I can be arsed.

A brief summise:

Band formed:1997

Gigged with the likes of:Conflict, Subhumans, UK Subs, Vibrators, Vice Squad,The Undead(ex-Misfits),Knuckledust,4Ft Fingers,Ratos De Porao,King Prawn,Doom,Stampin Ground,Hard To Swallow,Thus Defiled,Assert, Phobia, Inner-Terrestrials, Labrat,and too many more to remember at the moment.
Your influences?
We sound like a kind of cross between Discharge and early Extreme Noise Terror.
Favorite spot?
Somewhere where they don't have any pigs.
Equipment used:
Smashed up guitars,broken speakers, distortion pedals with beer poured over them.
Anything else...?
Harry Roberts, he's OUR man!