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play hi-fi  73-2 mo club killa
play hi-fi  72-2 club ish
play hi-fi  So Sick / S.C.O.C. Mix Feat. Young Breed & Hyde
play hi-fi  Keyboard 7
play hi-fi  61-3 rmx
play hi-fi  dirty hummer 61-2
play hi-fi  come on shorty 56_3
play hi-fi  funny flatline 52-2
play hi-fi  UK Fire
play hi-fi  Smoke & Ride 35

So Sick Records was created by Michael Keaton a.k.a. Mic Grippa. Free beats are not available so dont ask. This business is about money, and I can't make any by giving you free beats. The beats on this page contain voice overs that will be removed with the purchase of your beat.

So Sick offers many original beats for your next album, mixtape, or Demo. There are two different purchasing options for the beats availible. They include Leases and Exclusives. Pricing and terms of use for beats goes as follows:


You can lease any beat on this page for $20. This is a great option for the starving artist. Each lease includes a WAV version of the beat that can be downloaded or sent through the mail on a CD. Individual tracking of instruments is not available with the purchase of a lease. A lease allows you to use the beat for your demo or independant project of less than 5,000 copies. If you purchase a lease you DO NOT own the rights to the beat in question. This means you DO NOT have the right to resell the beat to others, or use the beat for a commercial release of over 5,000 copies. You will recieve 2 copies of the lease contract with the purchase of your So Sick beat. Both should be filled out and one should be returned to me for my records, and your protection against legal issues.


This option offers you full rights to the beat in question. You will be free to use the beat in any shape or form you would like. Prices vary based on time invested in the production of the beat. Also, individual tracking of instruments is available, but must be requested with the purchase of your So Sick beat. Your beat can be downloaded from the net or sent on a CD through the mail. As with the lease, you will recieve 2 copies of your exclusive rights contract. Both contracts should be filled out and one should be returned to me for my records, and your purchasing safety.

Payment options:

I currently accept money orders and pay pal is soon to be added to the methods of payment. For info on who and where to send your money order contact me at

With that being said, check out some of my beats and see if you can find something you like. Hit me up at for pricing information.

Why this name?
So Sick is a discription of the beats available for purchase. Plain out Sick!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think that the internet is a great tool for spreading your name and building a following. It also levels the playing field for independant artists such as myself.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Just as everything else in life it depends on the $$$. Yes it's true that music should be more about making great music than money, but its also important to be payed nicely for your creativity and talent. I got a saying that goes, "You can't drive a Bentley for the price of a Pinto." If a major wants me, then they should have no problem paying me. Ownership of my masters and a healthy unrecoupable sum of money would also have to play into the equation. Otherwise, I am perfectly happy being independant.
Band History:
So Sick Records was started in 2004. Inspired by Master P and his great success with his label No Limit Records, So Sick Records set out to create it's own down south dynasty.
Your influences?
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
So Sick Records uses various different software programs for beat production. The studio is also equipped with a 10/2 Yamaha mixing board, a Behringer B1 condencer microphone, a Shure dynamic microphone, a SB live soundcard, a CPU with 1 gig of RAM, and 160 gigs of hard disk memory. The studio also has a 5.1 Dolby surround sound system for monitoring. If it pertains to Rap or R&B So Sick Records can offer competitive recordings and mixes at an affordable price. Contact me at for more info on tracking and mixing.
Anything else...?
If you would like to become an affiliate of So Sick affiliate program, send your linkable advertising banner to me at to be added to this page. Let me know what it's for, and I will send you a copy of my banner for your page that will link prospective buyers to my page.

Check out this cat. Mic Grippa
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