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jsin aguilar
NEWS   not guilty
J, J, J
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11/09/06 @ 03:21 PM     2 comments
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This video is a spoof of the anti-piracy commercial seen on most DVD's and before most movies shown in the theatre it is also the video for J, J, J feat. Radha off the CD "In the Philippines..."
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play hi-fi  Gotta Make A Sale
play hi-fi  ya-yaya-ya (mixed down)
play hi-fi  ya-yaya-ya
play hi-fi  know me
play hi-fi  understand?
play hi-fi  Young Life feat. MISTA BLAZE
play hi-fi  (REMIX) In the Philippines part 1 feat. D-COY
play hi-fi  What if
play hi-fi  YO J!
play hi-fi  What!?
JSIN aka the #1 SINNER

Why this name?
Cause thats what J do J sin. J sin all the f***'n time
Your influences?
The Green Eyed Bandit....if you ain't know..ERICK SERMON!
Favorite spot?
Anything else...?

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