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Phiba Optix - BASSment Productions
New School
Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100.
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play hi-fi  Phiba Optix - Hot Summer Day
play hi-fi  Phiba Optix - The Commission
play hi-fi  Phiba Optix - Introduction
play hi-fi  Phiba Optix - I Know (Hurt)
play hi-fi  Phiba Optix - Take 'Em Back
play hi-fi  Phiba Optix - New World Order
play hi-fi  Phiba Optix - Hypnotised Minds
play hi-fi  Phiba Optix - Reminiscence
play hi-fi  Phiba Optix - In Too Deep
play hi-fi  Phiba Optix - Big Things

Phiba Optix - The Cutmaster

Looking for a beat to blaze your next project? Look no further, here you will find industry standard beats at street prices.

· Licence Agreements

A licensing agreement is a contract binding agreement that involves two parties: a buyer and a seller. The licence refers to a direct contractual arrangement between an artist and a licensee wherein the licensee produces products containing musical content.

· Exclusivity

It must be decided whether the licence will provide exclusive or non-exclusive rights to the artist. A non-exclusive licence (leasing) is suggested as the better choice for low budget or non commercial projects. Giving an exclusive licence to someone means that the holder of the exclusive licence, and only that person, has the right to use that particular production. The holder of an exclusive licence could prevent anyone, including the producer, from using the beat covered by the licence. An exclusive licence is suggested as the better choice for profitable works or commercial projects. A non-exclusive licence, in comparison, would permit the producer to continue to use the beat and also to licence (non-exclusively) the use of the same beat to others.

· Custom Licence

A Custom licence is also available which entitles the buyer input on the production of the final product. This option should only be considered by serious artists and is suggested for profitable works and commercial projects only. The custom licence is exclusive, which means that the holder of the licence and only that person, has the right to use that particular production.

· Prices

Non-exclusive licence: $30 - $80

Exclusive licence: $100 - $500

Custom licence: $200 - $600

· Contact


Phone: (+44) 7974 592271

Do not hesitate to email me with any queries
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