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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  Spacetokkel
play hi-fi  spent the night awake and the day too
play hi-fi  In the enlightened state
play hi-fi  Life-circles
play hi-fi  keep on running, keep on hiding
play hi-fi  too many cars
play hi-fi  girls, have a penis.
play hi-fi  Badlero
play hi-fi  Reggaeliedje
play hi-fi  audiomidisong
Music in a BETA release.
Junglebeats , fat bass , experimental drum'n'bass, trip-hop, jamsessions.
(If you're a music critic , send me some comments on how to describe this style.Thanks.)
Why this name?
First I used Spetterman2000 as nick name , 'cause back in 1999 some of my friends used to call me Spetterman to bully me. Then MXavier asked me if he could post a song containing my drumrecordings here. So I came check the site and saw that he called the song "Freakrush". The composers are MXavier and Freakrush , so Freakrush must be my name. later I also started using FreqRush as a name because I switched to Linux and bought good studio monitors, playing all frequencies so nice it was a new rush :-)
Do you play live?
Not yet with electronic equipment , only sometimes as a drummer in improvisations. But I adore it yeah , mmmm .
I've been in some performing bands between 1990 and 1994 and in 2006.
The most special was at Dour festival on a free podium stage, I played with two rasta men that I'd never seen before, so it was all improvisations from my part, and as I didn't know I was going to perform, I had been eating special mushrooms all day on the festival. After the three songs we played, I got offered a gig with "our band" in a bar. Too bad I had to tell the man that I still didn't know who I had been playing with.
The other special moments are about kissing girls ...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I hope it will take away the industry from the music and just keep the music going on, on a free basis , with free meaning free like in freedom . I also don't like copyright because I think when you go to the core , property is theft . I'm often thinking about it this way :
"Before anything belonged to anyone , who did it all belong to , who did the first owner take his property from ?" and "There's nothing I've done completely on my own yet, not being born, not riding a bicycle, not playing music . How can I claim an intellectual or creative copyright on anything , just as if I had done it alone ?" On the other hand , we still live in a middle ages like society , so probably not much will change . I hope the internet or mp3 won't give more power to the rich who already have too much power .
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I don't think so , they probably don't spend the earned money the way I'd love to see it, driving big polluting cars instead of a bicycle like us. :D
Band History:
Started playing drums in 1989 , played in some punk/metal/rock-bands , started learning computers & MIDI sequencing in 1999.
here's a list :
First band : "Dead fish in Melbourne" in 1990,
second: "spinechillers" from 1990 to 1993,
third: 1994 - 1995 I think the name was "Heart of darkness", the guitarist "Jan Pauwels" now plays in this band , Tim's favourite .
fourth:became my girlfriend and spoiled some years
fifth:jammin' alone and with friends or computer, since 2004 I also started surfing the web and so I met MXavier as a very active and helpful member on the Cubase users forum.
sixth:"The stupid white kids" , some stupid white kids who wasted a lot of my time and energy . Daaaahh
Your influences?
Jungle, Drum'n'bass, Funk, Reggae, Punk, Grunge, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Grime
Favorite spot?
the woods or fields, away from human society
illegal free parties
behind my drums on stage/ in a studio
Equipment used:
1976: my voice, I used it a lot for crying when I was a baby, my hands I used to play with the shaker :-)
1983: we broke our father's old bass guitar. Well , just one pick-up didn't survive our experiments. We were no longer aloud to touch it but it still worked ... He also had a folk guitar, and my grandparents had a piano, and a room where my uncle exercised with his band.
1989: Started playing for drumschool on my brother's "Premier" drumset that I later bought from him , together with his Paiste 2000 cymbals, he also had a great Fender Precision bass I could play on. My cousin got that bass now.
1998: new Roland SPD11 total percussion pad, an electronic Midi "octapad" so I can play drums when other people sleep.
1999: a pentium I computer with Midi in/out and cubase Vst 3.7 with virtual instruments. great software but the audio or vst plugins don't work because my hardware isn't good enough . Anyway, it was a good learning instrument. Wow a computer to send signals to a synth, my friend's Korg X3 that I got for a cool price. Thanks Charlie. Good luck with your son and new girlfriend ;-)
2004: PC 866Mhz PIII, Roland SPD11 drumpads, Korg X3, Dman 2044 pci soundcard, internet connection
2005:midisport 2x2 usb, no internet connection, installing a central heating system and an extra wall etc. in my rented loft .
2006: again internet and an M-audio Delta1010 8 channel soundcard.
2007: Behringer Truth B2031A studio monitors , 4 Tapco Blend 6 mixers, and a Fame drum mic set to record my drums on multiple channels
Anything else...?
Too many cars, too many wars, too many beers in the bars.
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