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RNG - Rich Nakatsu Group
NEWS   New Happenings in Rich Nakatsu's Studio

As of 11/18/07, the journey of Fatalis as band has ended. We all have decided that it's time to pick up our toys and put them away and it's time to go our separate ways, and don't look back. As some people may know about band drama, it happens. It it gets bad enough, it can consume the band to its extinction.

Well, folks, it was a fun ride.
Now, it's time to put my studio hat on, and get back to what I do best. smile :) RNG - Rich Nakatsu Group is back. For those who've asked over and over for me to bring it back, and start writing more solo stuff, let me get myself situated. I promise more stuff will come.
East Coast
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play hi-fi  Storm
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play hi-fi  Voiceless feat Lance Zielinski
play hi-fi  Always With You
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I've always been a fan collaborating with artists from different genres. I've had the opportunity to work with many different artist with great talents. I've seen a growing number of people wanting to join heads and work on projects, so that's when I decided to rename my group, RNG - Rich Nakatsu Group. The group itself is not static like some groups, where they have the same members. However, I do have my core members that help me on my projects, people who know how I want things to sound when I record.

The nice thing is that, I am not stuck in one particular genre. I believe that exposure to many different types of genres is what makes a musician a musician. It also brings more meaningful appreciation for how music move others.
Why this name?
It's really a solo project. I have members come and go as guest artists. Now, I have many people wanting to collaborate, so I've decided on RNG - Rich Nakatsu Group.
Do you play live?
I've played concerts and by requests before. Now, it's mostly for church events. I really enjoy it. Special moments? Other than breaking strings on stage? Let's see....I played in a concert of 800 people, and had a bloody nose. Most embarrassing moment I can think of.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
With the boom in making your own Home Studios, there are so many people out there making their own music. With the Internet, the opportunities of having your songs heard is endless. It's great. It's only going to get better. However, at the same time, I think copyright is going to play a vital role in protecting your music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I have one pending... Music is what I love, and if label companies love what I love, that's what you call a relationship.
Band History:
Started out as a project with a friend in 1993 writing Christian folk songs. As he moved onto his folk music, I began experimenting with different styles of music. I slowly got myself out of the acoustical phase, and went more technical, by incorporating synthesizers, and using various sound modules. Realizing that my strength is in the Rock genre, I decided to expand out and work on my guitar skills. However, I am constantly changing my ideas about how I can improve my song writing.
Your influences?
I think the best way to see is, what's in my mp3 player? :D Let's see... Tak Matsumoto, Lots of Joe Satriani, Pink Floyd, David Gilmore, Judas Priest, as you can tell... different ends of the spectrum.
Favorite spot?
Haven't gotten around much. Wherever I go, good food = Good Spot. :D
Equipment used:
Electric Guitars:
1) Ibanez RG320FM
2) Ibanez S470
3) Peavey Wolfgang
4) BC Rich Ice Mockingbird

Acoustic Guitars
1) Alvarez Yairi signature 6-string
2) Yamaha FG450-SA Acoustic/Electric

Bass Guitars
1) Ibanez SR-405 (5-String, active components)

Marshall G80RCD
Fender Princeton Chorus 120w
Carvin Pro Bass 200

1) Roland XP-30
2) Roland PMA-5
3) ZOOM RT-323 Drum Machine

1) Line-6 XT Live Effects Processor
2) Korg G3 Guitar Processor
3) Digitech Harmonizer
4) Boss SD-1
5) Boss DD-6
6) Boss 0S-2
7) Digitech Grunge Distortion

1) Yamaha MT-4 Multitrack Mixer
2) Cakewalk Sonar 6 Producer Sequencer Software
3) Hammerhead Rhythm Sequencer
4) SF Acid Pro
5) Behringer Compressor/Limiter
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