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Jouni Stenroos
NEWS   2007-03-30: Uploaded Barrios valse

2007-03-11: Uploaded Coste study

2006-09-24: Uploaded Strauss' Idyllen

2005-11-01: Uploaded Kellner's Campanella

2005-10-29: Uploaded Kellner's D-minor Fantasy.

2005-10-26: Uploaded Kellner's A-minor Fantasy.

2005-10-26: Kellner F-major Fantasy updated, re-recorded it.

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play hi-fi  Valse op.8 no.4
play hi-fi  Coste: Study no.16 op.38
play hi-fi  Johann Strauss II: Idyllen
play hi-fi  J.S.Bach: Cello Suite 4 - I Prelude
play hi-fi  F.Sor: op.19 - No.1 Marche des prĂȘtres d'Isis
play hi-fi  David Kellner: Campanella
play hi-fi  David Kellner: Fantasy in D-minor
play hi-fi  David Kellner: Fantasy in A-minor
play hi-fi  David Kellner: Fantasy in F-major
A classical guitar player. Plays 6 and 8 and 10-string guitars.

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Jouni Stenroos, Liebeslied
Equipment used:
Liikanen spruce top 10-string 2006
Liikanen spruce top 10-string 1998 (in Kellner's pieces)
Liikanen cedar top A-model 6-string (2004)
Gary Southwell 8-string early romantic (1989)
Paulino Bernabe (1985)