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I See
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Spoken words written by 'None like Joshua'. Backing track by Al Massey.
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None Like Joshua / Al Massey

Tue Aug 30, 2016
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About the song
Instrumentation includes: synth; clavinet & keys; bass & rhythm guitar; processed organ and Hammond B3; horns; orchestra drums and hand claps.
Words by “None like Joshua'

I just stood there along and confuse
no really sure where I should do or where I should go
the only thing I could hear was a cold pale silence
in accompanying my heart beat
I knew the skies were blue and the sun was shining
but my mind set was telling me otherwise
what could I think?

Everything seem to be fleeting away from my grasp
was I done or was this only the beginning.
Frankly I made never know The one thing I that it was gone forever
and I just stood there wondering if it would ever return

Space Time. What are these entities
can we even call them entities
We tend to see these entities as separate planes of our knowledge
but through proper insight and inner reflection
space and time can work together in a circular pattern
how can we even include the word 'and' with this notion
if they are to be united do there definition cease volatility
with this concept space and time do not exist
they only perception of measurement for our mind to function in patterns
Time Space Time Space Time Space

Somehow everything is different like a new person had emerge from me
I could see myself in a perspective that I never seem before
no inhibitions no worries
for the first time I felt that I knew where I belong
and nothing could stop me from being there
nothing yet everything felt real
the world was underneath me around me above me
I could see everything and everything could see me
I found PEACE!

Time Space Time Space Time Space Time Space
Time Space Time Space Time Space