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play hi-fi  MIA3 01. Intro (produced by Darkstar)
play hi-fi  MIA3 02. Death or Victory (produced by Pace)
play hi-fi  MIA3 03. Scorched Earth feat King Author
play hi-fi  MIA3 04. Eastwind (Homicidal) (produced by Amen)
play hi-fi  MIA3 05. Tri-City Life (produced by Engineer)
play hi-fi  MIA3 06. General Quarters (produced by AD)
play hi-fi  MIA3 07. Untitled (produced by DJ Premiere)
play hi-fi  MIA3 08. F*** Your Entire Life feat IDAmen (produ
play hi-fi  MIA3 09. We So Deep (produced by EF)
play hi-fi  MIA3 10. Hit 'Em Hard (produced by R1)
For those who remember 5 years ago. Im still the hardest battle MC and concious track maker out right now. Peep the tracks and enjoy.
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