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Ben Travis
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play hi-fi  How Do I Let You Go
play hi-fi  Quiet Path
play hi-fi  Shoot Me in the Head
play hi-fi  It's Over Now
play hi-fi  Mentored By Life
play hi-fi  I Wonder
play hi-fi  Today
play hi-fi  I'll Be Here
Ben Travis is a solo artist who writes all his own songs, as well as plays the piano, sings, produces, and engineers on his newest recordings. "My goal, " he says, "is to write music that will inspire people to think and ask meaningful questions about the world around them." His style is gentle, yet thoughtful, and his musicianship is high quality.

Ben is currently working on an album called "All the Way Home" which he wrote while going through the process of watching his father die of cancer. He is also working on an album of trance music called "Miles Per Second" and a new instrumental album called "Leaving the Chrysalis."

Ben has just finished an instrumental album which contains quiet, meditative piano music. These songs were played in moments of inspiration, and can be used for massage therapy, meditation, or just quiet background music. This album is set up to fit a 60-minute massage session perfectly. It is called "Mentored By Life, " and will be available in CD format soon.
Your influences?
Billy Joel, Elton John, Sting