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Life and Love - Viet Rapz showin love...

just life and love...for all the vietrappers, promotes more to the
world about the flyness of viet rapz and vietrapperz.
1 Luv.

before you go on, we give propz to and

those site is hella dope- they representing viet rapz and aznraps, check it out...

and now...

What is viet rapz? who is consider to be the elite vietrapperz? is a viet rapper
consider top just because he flows tight? how about his versatility - does he rap
on various topics? what about the lyrics does he needs good lyrics
too? does he RAP IN VIET?? The answer is we consider the top viet rappers as a person who must have ALL of those qualities...

Artists that VietRapz chose as the Elites:

In alphabetical order:

Ca Chep
Heart II Exist
Khanh Nho
Phong Le
Tieu Ca Ca
TT Tracy

shout out to all the rest viet rapperz who didnt make the list but representing the viet rapperz(in alphabetical order): lil Boi, lilLTD, Mike, Phong tran, Timmy dan, Vi3tboii, Vi3tkd, Xuong khung...

Now a breaking down of the Top 8 Elite Artist:


Ca Chep -
Dopeness: His love lyrics , rapping, and singing is really good. has original ideas like in the process of doin "Que Huong Toi" about his love for his country, a creative rapper.
Area that can elevate his game: its hard to find a weak spot for ca chep, but after awhile VietRapz see that ca chep is a nice guy hes not a thug, he should make more songs about love and not on violence cuz the one time he did, it didn't match with him well.

Heart II Exist -
Dopeness: great lyrics, their love lyrics are good, their patriotism for the old viet nam is real in their songs "25 years" and "Di Ve Viet Nam", fly original beats, great rappers, creative group, brought viet rapz to the main stream when they got to rap on Asia, they're best viet rap groupz of today.
Area that can elevate their game: its better that they have more rap songs in their cd. In the last cd, they have some songs where they sang, they did good - but we need more rapz in the mainstream , especially since there are many viet singers in the viet mainstream right now while they are the only viet rapperz.

Khanh Nho -
Dopeness: Has quick tongue, great flows and delivery- probably among the very best of viet rapz in term of flow and delivery. Beats that he chose to use are nice and original, recording qualities is fly, lyrics match his genre...
Area that can elevate his game: his lyrics, flow and deliver his thug tracks great, can't be better. But, he can improve in the creativeness in his raps. Almost besides his two love songs, all of his other songs is about hows hes thuggin, or how his music is tight. He needs to do on more subjects to show more diversity, like (story telling, his life when growin up, society, etc...).

Phong Le -
Dopeness: this guy's lyrics are almost poetic, they're great. His flow is good, Arguably, Phong Le and Heart II Exist is the best viet rappers right now. He's a very creative rapper, has fly songs about diverse subjects such as friendships in Tran Minh Dung, new year in Tet Viet Nam, thuggin, and his specialty love raps in his classic Binh Minh Se Mang Em Di and others.
Area that can elevate his game: it's hard to find flaws in his songs, after only a long time of thinking we found that his creativeness could possibly starting to fade. Instead of recording new songs to bump, his last few songs were the re-recording of em con muon gi nua, and nang du phu tinh toi remix - his old songs were good, he didnt need to re-record them. He could have focus his time in bring out more tracks. The only real new song he has is bring it 2 and the tragedy is his part were too short.

Tieu Ca Ca -
Dopeness- Tieu Ca Ca is a creative rapper, chose good beats, has tight flow and delivery. His creativeness shine in the "thu loi cho con ma", "dung nen choi" , "tao chi la ha hoc tro", "phuong dung", his love songs... truly a very creative and original rapper, among the top viet rapperz today.
Area that can elevate his game: his rap lyrics can be improved, they're typical and not as deep or fly compared to others... for example in one song he rap something like "anh ngu`ng nho' em nhu xe hoi ngung chai, dong ho ngung quai" - translation to english: i only stop loving you only when "cars stop working, and the clock stop moving"- if the lines were more poetic then it would definitely be much better.

TT Tracy -
Dopeness- Tracy shows mad versatility, she can both rap and sings very well thanks to her sweet singing voice. In fact, she took advantage of those in many of her songs "ta.i sao", "chi vi yeu anh", and vui dem gia'ng sinh. She expresses emotions very well in her songs, make the listeners feel what she's saying. A very good rapper, she' one of the top 8 elite vietrappers today.
Area that can elevate her game: Her flow most of the times are the same. she flow around 7 to 8 syllable in many of her lines "for example in dem gian sinh she raps: buoc ra pho ai cung mac au dep (8words) - cung chung vui voi ong gia no en (8words)- vi tinh yeu da den ben toi (7words)-oi giac mo hay la trong tho (7words). That style is good for a few songs but not every single song because it limits her to conform to just one flow, and it reduces her versatility as a rapper. Also it gets tedious and boring to the listeners when they have to listen to that style in every song. Unfortunately, shes not the only one whos doing that, that style is a popularity nowadays among the normal viet rappers (not the elite ones), they try to flow like that these days instead of switching flow with every beat and be more creative.

Quan717 -
Dopeness- Quan has a creative mind, he isn't just limit himself into a topic, his creativeness shines in songs about his family's struggle, revenge for his younger sister, and the love for his car. He chooses unique beats and not used up beats by many of the viet rappers before him. He has his own style, doesnt copy others. Quan is truly one of the more creative rappers out there. Certainly, one of the top vietrappers right now.
Area that can elevate his game- Quan needs to put a little bit more emotions in his raps, right now on the emotions that he put into his track they're better than average. However, a couple more emotions notch and that would make the users feel his songs more. His enunciation on a couple words of a song or two could be clearer; but, they're good for most parts. Besides that his flow is fine but can if he bump up a notch or two then his songs would be more fly.

UnStoPable -
Dopeness- lyrics are tight, deep and meaningful. He has good emotions in his song, the listeners can feel what he's saying. He almost missed the list becuz he seemed to be the rapper who just raps about love until recently he dropped the track "Poor- Ngheo" where he raps about being broke. It shows his creativity and versatility. He has his own style, definitely one of the top 8 vietrappers of today.
Area that can elevate his game- He switches his voice style on each different type of songs but in songs like "tinh anh mai co don" and "poor-ngheo" the songs would be better if his voice in there was a bit softer. His enunciation on a couple words of a song or two could be clearer; however, they're good for most parts. His flow is fine, but if he can bump up his flow a notch or two his songs would be more fly.
And Now:

THE REST VIET RAPZ RAPPERS WHO DIDN'T MAKE THE ELITE 8. You might asked, oh no but they so good but why didn't make it?? oh they should have made it, VietRapz's is just crazy!! nope, we not crazy. The reasons most of them didn't make it because their styles are over substances. What does it means?

The first reason, their topics choices, many of these typical rappers raps about love and hatred, they don't rap about other topics besides those two. Where the elite rappers is more fresh, they rap about love, hate, and creative topics like: Tet VietNam, Giang Sinh, Ngheo, family's struggle, VietNam War, and apology to mom.

Another reason is many of these rappers kept on using the same style/structure on mostly every song (VietKD) or using 7syllables or 8syllables rhyming in mostly all of their songs (Vi3t Boii, H-Boiz, Timmy Dan, and TT Tracy- still, Tracy made the elite 8 cuz shes just so great in every other areas).

Another reason is their recording qualities are bad (Don Phuong, lil LTD) its like you can hear mad background noises, loud microphone thumping and popping noises, nope you cant do that if you want people to rank you as the elite 8 rappers.

And the very that is big importance on why a rapper didnt make it to the top 8 is lyrics. Here's a break down.

Vi3t Boii- He sings really good, raps tight, has great choice in good beats, flows tight. However, he kept using the flow of 7-8syllable in 1 line and so his songs so that just conform him to 1 flow and reduces his orignality.

He has some good lyrics in one song and are creative in writing his own lyrics, however, his lyrics are mostly the same lyrics in EVERY SONG he raps, from his earlier song (Nguoi Yeu Cua Anh ft TT Tracy) to his later songs (Tinh Buon2, Tinh Anh Trau Em) you can't almost tell the difference in the lyrics, style, rhyme structure in these songs. The only difference in each of his song is the beat.

Vi3tKD- he's a good rapper, has great emotion & delivery. He shows creativity in topics when he did Portland 503, However his same structure and flow that he does in every single song just lacks creativity. His lyrics are okay, if he bump up a notch or two then his songs be more fly.
Like VietRap have mentioned before rap is about substance, so in substance a rapper can't rap someone elses lyrics. Rapping is from the heart, when a rapper raps, the listeners is hearing the honest words from his heart. The lyrics is what makes a rapper. Rappers cant just out of nowhere and take the lyrics and rap them, because that's just not being real to themselves and to the listerners. It also shows that they are not capable of writing good lyrics, thats why they have to use someone elses. Heres some example:

Xuong Khung- He's among the very best viet rapperz in term of rap flow and delivery, can rap in both viet and english, a very talented rapper. We have no doubt that he can write good lyrics and HE WOULD have made the list UNTIL HIS CREDIBILITY DROPPED HUGE when he dropped I'll be missing you remix and Changes remix where he rapped with Puff Daddy and 2Pac's lyrics. Nope cant do that, if you want people to respect your lyrics. You have to show the world your heart through your own lyrics. The elite 8 did.

Well why do some of the rappers used someone else lyrics??? It's Because their lyrics writing aren't good yet, so they seek for a better lyrics from someone elses and once they found them they would steal those lyrics take for example:

He sings really good, raps really good, has great flow, and you might a person might think he should have made it to the elite top 8... nope! he took 1/3 of Phong Le's (Binh Minh Se Mang Em Di) and another 1/3 from UnStoPable's (Tinh Con Trong Anh)lyrics and joined it with 1/3 of his lyrics to make his Binh Minh Se Mang Em Di Rmx. That song is only good because of Phong's lyrics and UnStoPable's lyrics. Most of his own lyrics in there ARE NOT GOOD at all. If you wanna see VietRapz's point more clearly about his lyrics skills then look at tinh ban online when the lyrics in the song is finally all his, the outcome of the lyrics were really bad.

Here's a small excerpt from his first verse:
ai la ai, ai se NOI,
ai se khoc, ai se NOI
em se noi, ban se NOI
va tat ca~ chung ta cung NOI
het tat ca nhung die`u
ma trong lo`ng khong the~ NOI
ma` trong lo`ng khong the~ NOI

Mike has 7 lines but he ended 6 lines with the same word and his words choice are too simple. The lyrics and word rhyming are like elementary's kids. If you compare his lyrics with the elite 8, then you'll see the elite 8 has better rhyming and way better lyrics.

Tommy Trieu- As of copied 1/3 song were bad the way Mike did it with binh minh se mang em di, Tommy took 3/3 (100%) of Phong Le's lyrics and rap it to a different beat... nice try Tommy, your rapping isnt that bad for beginner but you cant get respects from others if you gonna take someone elses lyrics. The funny thing about Tommy and Mike is they submitted their copied songs to where the original rappers that they copied from is well known by everyone. haha.

Don Phuong- he can work in his lyrics more, and his recording qualities theres too much static in the mic he's using, his flow is alright but if he can tighten it up then his songs would be doper.

LilBoi- his latest track "chi la di vang" were a big improvement from his earlier tracks. However, his emotions (anger/sadness), flows, and delivery can be better, VietRapz couldnt felt them in his songs. Nope, gotta have more of those.

LamThanhDu- original rapper, has his own style, choses great beat, he put good emotions in his rapping, make the listeners feel what hes saying . His flow are good. However even though his lyrics is good it still cant be compare to the lyrics of the elite 8. And another reasons why he didn't make it is becuz he just rap about love and hates, he doesnt rap about other topics. It reduces his versatility. As for his recording quality, it is bad, theres just too much back ground noise, thumping on the mic, too much static.

TruViet- creative rapper, raps about various topics, flows good in english, has a way of creating trouble in order to promote people to recognize his name and musics. However, when he try to rap in viet his viet lyrics is simple, and his viet flow needs to be bump up a notch or two.

VietFOB- creative rapper, he has love raps and his specialty funny raps. His comedy raps are hilarious- Even when he raps about violence, its still seems funny -they're great. His voie matches his funny topic very well. His recordin are decent but in D* Ma Tui May his recordin if he bumps up a few notch that would be better. His flow needs some work though. His love lyrics in his "Tinh Yeu" love rap were okay, however, his word choices are played out. It's not like he offered some new fly lyrics to the table of the current love lyrics.

On the final note, big ups to the 8 talented rappers Ca Chep, Heart 2 Exist, Khanh Nho, Phong Le, Tieu Ca Ca, TT Tracy, Quan717 and UnStoPable who made the elite top 8, keep on dropping them hot tracks cuz you guys are the ones keeping VietRappinz tight and fly.

As for everyone, theres positive and negative, if you see your negative then work on it and thats how you'll improve-that's why we told each vietrappers his/her weakpoints, so that way the rapper can work on it and improves, because that way, the listeners would get good musics, and the artists themselves would improve and get better as time advances, and in the future can made a crack at the elite 8.

and we can't forget to give a shoutout to the viet rappers who don't rap viet, we don't feature them in VietRapz site cuz they don't rap in viet much. But they representing the viets so we have to give a shoutout to: Thai, VietKidd, Barbie Red, Sticky Viet, LilViet.

And a final shout out to everyone who we might forgot. 1 Luv.