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Me and Eye
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"Music by robots for robots. If your audio receptors are composed mainly of circuits, motherboards, and the occasional transistor or two, this futuristic straight up electronical madness is for you. This music is rich, with a steady underlying melody that drives whoever's listening to it into a mellow hyper Zen state that inevitably leads you to the realization that all of existance on Earth and space can be simultaniously condensed into one unifying equation. That equation in fact is k+laO=DNA"
---- E.V. (Storyline Records)


klao DNA is an electronica artist based in San Diego, California. His mission is to take a collection of previously unrelated sounds and transform them into a cohesive unit through the use of sampling, looping, and other forms of audio manipulation. Although much of his is based, rhythmically, on downtempo breakbeats, klao DNA constantly seeks to question genre boundaries and categorization.

Favorite spot?
Black Rock City, Nevada