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play hi-fi  Man of the House
play hi-fi  The Gypsy Rover
play hi-fi  Gan ainm
play hi-fi  OReilly of Athcarne
play hi-fi  Who'll be King but Charlie
play hi-fi  Greylock Castle
play hi-fi  Maid of Banbridge
play hi-fi  Blythe Was the Time
play hi-fi  Green Grass it Grows Bonnie
play hi-fi  Piano Prelude Two
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Why this name?
My mom named me by looking in the phonebook
Do you play live?
In the recording studio
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Ahem, my publisher would like nothing better. We do book/cd collections but the CDs aren't marketed on their own very much.
Band History:
When I was a tiny tot, I remember seeing someone with a gutar on the TV, I said to myself, that is what I want. I started taking it seriously when I was twenty. At first I wanted to play the guitar, and then I wanted to arrange music, then I added the lute, then I wanted to compose, and finally, I wanted to be a musician.
Your influences?
Chet Atkins, Jorge Morel, Antonio Lauro and Julian Bream
Favorite spot?
I'm hoping it's going to be Tucson
Equipment used:
Classical Guitar
Anything else...?
Anyone can play. There is no relation between the difficulty/complexity of a piece, and the quality of the music. The best music is accessible and addictive. I learned that from Renaissance Music and Julian Bream.