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Sound Systema
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play hi-fi  Di man
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play hi-fi  Trabaho Reggea
play hi-fi  Galatea
play hi-fi  Lost And Wasted
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play hi-fi  Pintasero
play hi-fi  Beloved
play hi-fi  Dyipniquette
Sound Systema was formed in the year 2003 by Mike Gamboa/ bassist and Ron Catalan/ guitarist, they searched for members and eventually got Edsel Dineros to play drums for them. They decided to become a three piece band and that was the start.
Why this name?
Sound Systema - We make SOUNDS and we act like a SYSTEM... Systema is a Filipino term, it should have been spelled as SISTEMA but we like the way it looks with the "Y" in it. Like everything else, if without a system/order there is chaos...
Do you play live?
We have lots of fond memories... Oh yes... Like anybody who loves what he/she does, we love to gig! We live to gig!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's a good way to be heard. And that's what we all want aside from the money that is... heheh... for people to appreciate our creations. Thank you Sound Click!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah sure thing! It would be an honor!
Your influences?
A whole lot... From Classical to Death Metal! But we love PINOY ROCK!!!
Favorite spot?
Anything else...?
If you notice our photo, album cover, at the top there's a note "strictly NOT for minors". We're pretty much a "wholesome" band. It's actually a way of trying to attract people to pick up our album amidst the vastness of other artists on the record store shelves.
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