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NEWS   10/25/2005: Unfortunately Trajedya has died in the hospital for some undisclosed reason. Thank for listening to his music. Ilonggo gangster rap live on......

Psyche ako ni.. gago!!! wahahaha
Scott Styles
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play hi-fi  Trajedya - Holy Diver Solo(80's Metal)
play hi-fi  Hadlok (brave-hearts remixxxxx!!!!!)
play hi-fi  Resback(unfinished - u/c)
play hi-fi  Ultimo(english)
play hi-fi  Syudad sang Bacolod
play hi-fi  Holy War (Hell on Earth Parody)
play hi-fi  24th st. (baynti quatro)
play hi-fi  Amu ini
play hi-fi  Hadlok
play hi-fi  This life i live
Why this name?
ambot palagpat e.. hehe
Your influences?
Mobb Deep, Cormega, Andrew E, PPK, EHP, Nas
Anything else...?
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