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So Hot Productions
NEWS   Current releases that include So Hot Productions:
J'SON - The Seasoning - Available Now!!
FLAME - Self Titled (
This'L - Self Titled (
PHANATIK - The Incredible Walk - Available 2/22/05
Da T.R.U.T.H - Moment of Truth - In Stores Now!!

CROSSMOVEMENT - Holy Culture - In Stores Now!!

CROSSMOVEMENT - Higher Definition - In Stores Now

CROSSMOVEMENT - Gift Wrap - In Stores Now !!

---------New Albums-----------
This'L - The Eziekiel Project - 8/2/2005
JR - Metamorphisis - 11/15/2005
FLAME - Rewind - 12/6/2005
Da Truth - The Faith - Available 9/13/2005
Hip Hop
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What up ya'll....! First of all we want to thank ya'll for visiting this page as we continue to spread the message of the gospel thoughout the world using one of the biggest tools in todays society which is music. We hope that you find this page useful not only for your musical needs but also as a means of communication for a bigger cause.....THE MESSAGE OF GOD TO HIS PEOPLE THROUGH HIS SON THE SAVIOR......JESUS CHRIST!!!!!

This months featured artist: J.R.

One of the leading producers in christian hip hop
who represents half of the production duo (So Hot Productions) has been truly laboring for years before the lord to complete this project. The wait is over 11/15/2005. The Album, Metamorphosis is look into the life of JR from past to present and tackles the issues of life before and after the acceptance of Jesus Christ as lord and savior. Congratulations J.R. & the rest of the So Hot Productions staff for staying focused and standing with their fellow brother through this exciting and gruling process.

Be sure to pick up Flame's sophmore album "REWIND" 12/6/2005!!!!!!
Why this name?
The name of our production company came about rather simply. Some good 'ol fashion praying.....!!! We wanted to develope a name that fitted what we thought explained our passion for the lord Jesus Christ as well as how we felt about our music....As a result So Hot was born!!!!!!!
Do you play live?
J.R. plays the acoustic guitar, NAB cant play anything but the keyboard. Both gentlemen love live instruments and bands
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
With the internet being the biggest form of communication now, I think mp3's have help shape the music industry like neverbefore. Simply because it flat out killed mailing anything although you still can, but why buy a package and a stamp and send your product through a system that will take a few days when you can have your music wherever you want it in a matter of milliseconds? I think it greatly changed the way artist & producers are able to have material heard.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Our angle is to remain committed to the lord and to stay before him so that he can instruct us. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and everything else shall be added unto you". After saying all of that our position is this, we're content on remaining independent for 2 reasons:

1. The gospel will never get watered down
2. Too many hands takes the focus off of Jesus.

This way are able to control (through christ) that his sheep are fed the truth!!!!
Favorite spot?
Our favorite spot is not located on earth.......!!!
Equipment used:
Roland XV-3080 Synth Sound Module
EMU Mk-6 Mo Phatt Keys Keyboard
Akai MPC 2000xl
DBX 266xl Compressor
Focusrite Twin Trak Pro Preamp • Expander/Gate • Peak Limiter
Blue Blueberry Cardinoid Condenser Mic
Digidesign Digi 002 I/O Box
Pro Tools 7.1 (48 tracks!!!)
Mackie 1204 VLZ Mixer Console
Some Samples..!!!
Anything else...?
Biblical Food:
Hank Hannegraff -
Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -
Ravi Zacharias -
Charles Stanley -
R.C. Sproul -


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