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June 1st, The Rock in Papillion; 7 pm traceback, playing for keeps and others...

July 1st, Knickerbockers; traceback w/trial by error; $5; 6-9 pm
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We're a rock band from Lincoln, Nebraska. Some of our influences come from bands like Deftones, Sevendust, Chevelle, a perfect circle and a few others. We love writing music and playing shows... what band doesn't. We struggle just like any other band. It's hard but it's so worth it. I hope you like our stuff.
Why this name?
Traceback - It's all about going back to the beginning. Tracing it back to where it all started; to the very roots of everything. We were sitting aorund thinking about whether we'd be a band if one of us hadn't met one person or another person... and the name came to us.
Do you play live?
We love playing live shows... mainly we play at knickerbockers (a bar in lincoln). Live music is my passion. Every moment on stage with the guys is a special moment. Pouring our souls out to people.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It helps bands like us get our music out there. I know that even in the past when I've downloaded songs I download one then I go buy the cd. That's the same with most of my friends. I think if anything it's helped the industry
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes. Anything to get the music out there...
Band History:
2 years ago our drummer, Luke, and our guitarist, Dan, got together to just hang out and jam. They meshed really well. They picked up a few bassists here and there and finally picked up Dillon. They played here and there as a cover band and went through a few singers. One day I showed up to a practice cause I was gonna chill with Dan afterwards and they asked me to sing. They asked if I could sing and I said i could try. They liked what they heard I guess and I started coming to some jam sessions. We started writing music and wrote about 8 songs of our own in a month. We played a show, half covers, half originals with me and another vocalist. After that show he left the band, and we've been TraceBack ever since.
Your influences?
Deftones, Sevendust, Chevelle, A perfect circle, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin... General rock... there's a touch of nu metal and hardcore in the instrumental side. Vocally I don't exactly know how to describe it.
Favorite spot?
Well, right now its Lincoln but that's only cause we haven't gone anywhere else... but home is always a good place to be...
Anything else...?
We have a sound that lots of people say they cant even describe. People tell us all the time that we really have something great... songs that they have stuck in their head the next morning even after they hear it only once... We love what we do... we love making music. I love getting out there and meeting people. Music is our lives.
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