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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  changin moods!!!!
play hi-fi  Just Fire!!!
play hi-fi  Because im Black!!!!
play hi-fi  Fresh 2 Def!!!
play hi-fi  F*ck you's!!!
play hi-fi  Nothing to Give!!!!
play hi-fi  Heart of the city!!
play hi-fi  Twista and Jamie!!!!
play hi-fi  Yo!!!
play hi-fi  I was Gunnin!!!!!
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Whats good evrybody,,,thanx for comin to my page......leave a message on the board and let me know what yall think......

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Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
money talks
Your influences?
just blaze,heatmakers,kanye west,timaland,wu-tang,joe buddens,royce da 5'9,everybody that gives me love.....and the haters,,,they only make me work harder
Favorite spot?
favorite spot-the studio
Equipment used:
Acid pro 4
fruity loops 4

Anything else...?
these are quotes from people about my beats when i first started

"wow. got to get on beat. 96% of your drums are off beat. if you got no beat..try not to make em."

haha that sh*** is funny....about 1 month ago dude was beggin me to produce his album....nope

"Man wtf is wrong wit u that sh*** was mad stupid im sorry ive never herd anything like that in my life im laughin right now yo fam this knock off j-mills beat lol good try WEW JECK OUT MY JOINTS IF U'D LIKE LOL IM OUT 1"

damn that was harsh...haha

"you said your cold ass ice beat was your best yet.. if thats true i dont wanna hear any of your other sh***.. that joint sounded like a reatard on speed... you got random off-beat cymbal crashes just thrown in there... the beat speeds up and slows down randomly.. and, well, theres is no rythym to it at all... i couldnt catch the beat... try again... good luck.. i was lookin for a good cold as ice beat.. and thought i may have found one.. but i was sadly mistaken.. trash... str8 trash... sorry to be so blunt... peace"

now im shittin on this guys tracks...

thank u everybody for inspiring me to become a great producer......

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