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Wayward Monks
NEWS   If you like the music here on Soundclick, check out our even better debut CD!

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The Wayward Monks serve up a jamming hybrid of jazz, progressive rock, and acoustic music-- with trumpet, keys, guitar, bass and drums. A groundbreaking instrumental band with compositions that are rhythmically varied (lots of grooving in 7/4 time), distinctively original, emotional, and melodic.

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Several styles are represented.

Polyunsaturated just won an Honor Award for instrumental song in the 8th Annual Great American Song Contest!

Our sound incorporates driving fusion, with jazz and straight-ahead rock as well as odd-times, funk, reggae and new age music. Our improvised jams strive for changing dynamics and spontaneity to create a driving cauldron of sound and an exciting aural landscape.

Please email with any feedback or inquiries.

Why this name?
We were asked to leave the monastery for staying out late to play music and not doing the dishes in the morning; we now experience librating freedom and spirituality, more towards the end of the day -- and we ask your kindness. Remember...

"Seeing only the bad conduct of a wayward monk, (one) blames him, but this gives bad effects. Concentrating on the faults of others, (one) fails to see their virtues." (A Manual of the Dhamma).

Do you play live?
Do we ever! Click on "live events" for details about upcoming shows. The band is on a bit of a haitus while working on our second CD.

Places we've played in the Bay Area include:

* Palo Alto Promenade - Music and Film Festival

* Dana Street Roasting Co. Mountain View

* British Banker's Club, Menlo Park

* SRI International, Menlo Park

* Connecticut Yankee, SF

* Brainwash, SF

* Anna's Jazz Island, Berkeley

* The Jazz House, Berkeley

* Epic Arts, Berkeley

* Jupiter, Berkeley

* Starry Plough, Berkeley

* The Uptown, Oakland

We welcome your suggestions for other great venues or ways to get our music heard!

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
A weird, ecclectic band can be heard and enjoyed by diverse audiences.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We'll sign anything...this is ALL an illusion, didn't you know? ;-)
Band History:
The Wayward Monks came together in the late Fall of 2001, reuniting Dan Zalles with Jeremy DeGroot who played ten years ago in the Reckless Pedestrians, a popular band at Berkeley's Starry Plough and the Bear's Lair, who backed Chris Isaak, among others. More recently Jeremy drummed in the popular JDogs, which mixed jazz grooves and hip hop.

Dan has composed close to 100 songs and has been the leader for several Bay Area bands, starting with the 80's British Wire Gauge whose song "Pray TV" was heavily played and promoted on radio at KFJC.

Jason Ravitz is an accomplished keyboardist and drummer having performed on streets and stages across New England, New Orleans, and in California most recently with Japanese-inspired Heavan Bound Train. Mike Disch is from Austin, Texas and was the bassist of choice in the popular Bay Area jam band Shady Lady, led by Samantha Stollenwerck.

Your influences?
Though the Wayward Monks are truly unique and original, you might hear traces of Phish, Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, and Miles Davis in their sound.
Favorite spot?
Northern California, Detroit, New Orleans, New York, New England, international hot spots, porch parties, festivals, etc...
Anything else...?
If you like the music here on Soundclick, check out our even better debut CD!

We have recently added a account and videos posted on

Coming soon: A list of radio stations playing our music. For now, request Wayward Monks on Mondays 6 - 7 on The Next Big Thing! @ KALX in Berkeley, call in #: (510) 642-5259.

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