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play hi-fi  Get Your Guns Up
play hi-fi  18 New York, New York
play hi-fi  17 Maybe Baybe
play hi-fi  16 Rock the House
play hi-fi  14 Yo Sucker
play hi-fi  13 Stomp
play hi-fi  12 Pull Your Sleeves Up
play hi-fi  11 My Way
play hi-fi  10 Minks and Links
play hi-fi  09 Just Like That
Jah Jah's forth album is going to be released soon... get ready.. do you want to be the first on your block to find out? holla at me and Ill add you to my list:)

Jah Jah’s third album, “The Attack” is AVAILABLE at .
The internationally known Brooklyn Dona Diva local underground Queen, Jah Jah is expecting you all to support her to the max.. regardless of whether im on MTV or radio.. listen to me cuz u want to not cuz u have to! Produced in East Berlin with Quickmix, ( The Real McCoy, Heckler and Koch..) the sounds are electronic with a cutting edge production like Timberland and stylistic versatility as Dre. With catchy hooks and Jah Jah’s lyrical skills this duo is unstoppable with tons of traxs recorded this past year we had too many bangers to choose from for‘ The Attack”. The multicultural sounds fuse hip hop, reggae, rock, hardcore,grimey, and club bangers like “Play Pen”, “Copycat” and “Do you Think Im Sexy?” reaching over 450.000 plays on myspace and thuggette bumpers like Here Pussy Pussy” “Change Lanes”, Senora” and cult classics like “More Cheeba” , ‘The Attack’is sure to be a hip hop classic. Don’t sleep on the one of THE hottest females in the rap game. Independent or not Jah Jah will not stop, From Berlin to Paris and Brasil back to Brooklyn Jah Jah has been rockin clubs, recording dubs pulling stunts whether or not the industry is looking. “Take A Lick Take A Bite” 2005, ( available on iTunes) was made in Brasil on a third world low budget, but with music infused with Samba, Dancehall heavy metal, middle eastern ,Indian, street Jamaican original riddims , Dirty South and hot NYC street beats. Born in Queens, bred in Brooklyn, from Greenpoint to Fort Greene, Faragut, to Berlin to Brasil. I roll fo solo, fodolo, on my paper hustle trying to keep the hits hot and get the chips locked. Performing from Brooklyn spots to Paris squats, to classy nightclubs , I keep it moving internationally, keeping the beats fresh crossing from reggae to hip hop to hardcore to rockrap. With a long list of recent shout outs from artists like Jay-z “Go Get em Jah Jah “ ( Show me What you got, remix) , Lil Scrappy, 'Jah Jah don’t trip,”( Gangsta Gangsta) , Collie Budz “Take a Lick of Jah “ , Sean Paul, “Jah Jah, your hard to the core- Girl what you waiting for ? " "Jah Jah . eyes go ga ga down with the ounce'-Redman” Jah Jah is the most invisibly noticed artist… don’t sleep on her.. industry or not, the music is crack, the fans don’t lie, check what they flap.
Don’t get lost on the subliminal rhymes. If you aint up to date on the trials and tribulations of Jah Jah aka Flash Gordon than rewind and check out what u left behind on itunes. "Take a Lick Take A Bite" , was produced in Brasil and Jamaica."
This is the third and hopefully last time I have to create a profile with myspace. NO I DID NOT DELETE YOU.. 1.5 million hits and 42,000 fans swallowed into the vortex of cyberspace. .
If being attacked and surving is what makes for a good artist story these days, I've been seriously attacked by a 90lb Mastif pitbull, chewed off a chunk of my leg ( plus u can see my scars in my video if u look hard) . I styled my own clothes and photo shoots with Ralf Graebner and sponsered by Sonia and Natalie Rykiel, oh yea, video "Do You Think Im Sexy" ..I edited, i roll fodolo, fer solo, stick it, biachez.
oh yea, you couldnt pay me enough skrilla to be on "The White Rapper Show", I was gonna dip faster than a pig in carmel sh*t if I got picked to be on that comedy trap
Why this name?
it was my graffitti name . im a writer
Do you play live?
BROOKLYN, BRAZIL.. whereva the thrill just point to the skrillz
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Mainstream is dead. All the artists are fake as icing, finally we can hear real artists who are not controlled by the music industry.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Favorite spot?
the quarter spot in brooklyn and the coffee shops in amsterdam
Anything else...?
buy my new cd!! "THE ATTACK" its the bomb diggity
it will be on itunes in two wiggity weeks
for now get the physcial CD at
Jah Jah- Lawless
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