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Whatever you may have have heard, we are not Swedish. We do not know where this impression came from. We really have no right to exist at all. Yet... we might exist anyway... go ask Marcel Janco. I'm sure he will know.
Why this name?
We needed at least one real word, and "of" seemed as good a word as any. Laliplitious.
Do you play live?
Occassionally. People do not like us very much. But... they're jerks anyway. Or Modernists.

F***ing Modernists...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Apparently it makes the music industry nervous.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I think that'd be a pretty good joke, yeah.
Band History:
Catharsism of Narcotica is not chained to the idea of socially and aesthetically worthless music. We also make aesthetically deviant visual art and performance art and publish a xerox journal of socially and conceptually irresponsible literature and art, The Appropriated Press. However: WE ARE NOT FROM SWEDEN! We love Sweden, I mean, they gave us Meshuggah and At the Gates, but anyway...
Your influences?
What if Tristan Tzra had a child's casio but no musical ability and loved the macabre? He might have listened to this, but would probably have made something better. Our work springs from the performance poetry of the dadaists, Futurists, and Lettrists. A kind of semi-musical version of Tzara, Huelsenbeck, Russolo, and Albert-Birot.
Favorite spot?
Sweden. (I've heard)
Anywhere but Ohio.
Anything else...?
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