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About Ichabod - In May '98, former members of several well-known Boston-area bands decided to channel their creative energy together to form a new and exciting hybrid form of aggressive music. Hence, the birth of what would eventually evolve into Ichabod. While soliciting musicians for this new project, guitarist Dave Iverson (ex-Bitter, Worldseed) was particularly meticulous about choosing a drummer. For this reason he contacted percussionist exraordinaire Ron Dion (ex-Psychosis). Dion's enthusiastic response prompted the two to enlist bassist Ken Joyner (ex-Brown, No Thanks). After spending several months writing material with this lineup, the quest for a vocalist led to throatman Ken MacKay (ex-Big John Studd). After playing with this lineup for approximately six months and recording "Living Through the End" (their self-released debut/demo CD), Dion had to leave the band due to familial obligations. Without skipping a beat, MacKay's younger brother Phil stepped in to solidify the lineup. Ichabod then recorded four interpretive "cover" songs (LaPeste "Better off Dead", the Cars "Candy-O", the Misfits "Horror Business" and Faith No More "Absolute Zero") for several compilations. The latter is included on Tribute of the Year, a Faith No More double-disc tribute released by Martin Atkins' (of Killing Joke, PIL, NIN, Ministry, etc. fame) Invisible Records in July '02. Recently, after a number of high-profile MA based gigs (including main stage at the 4th annual New England Hardcore and Metal Festival) and relentless promotion of the band through touring and internet networking, Ichabod landed a recording contract with new MA based upstart label Root Sucker Records, a division of David Tornstrom's Black Locust Entertainment. This will be the home of the latest Ichabod recording titled "Let the Bad Times Roll", a full-length, 8-song CD. Shortly after finishing the recording, the band parted ways with bassist Ken Joyner, opening the door for bassmaster Greg Dellaria (ex-Blood for Blood) to join Ichabod on their quest. Most of the members of Ichabod are indigenous to the greater Lowell, MA area, a city whose abundant melancholy is evident in the landscape of mill husks and industrial scarring; where drab childhoods become drug habits and the complexities of immigration and postindustrial anxiety are forever immortalized in the intoxicated verse of Jack Kerouac. Although the four have lived or currently live elsewhere, they seem incapable of escaping their roots in the Mill City. This background plays a major role in Ichabod's sound. Depending heavily upon the subjectivity of the listener, Ichabod has been described as everything from hardcore to hard rock, punk to psychedelic, crust to metal, doom to stoner rock, noise to spacerock, and seemingly all else in between. But to commit this band to one genre would be restrictive, for the influences vary indefinitely. The band members themselves are wary of such labels for this very reason. The common threads are the organic atmospherics and claustrophobic energy that pervade the music, but never without there being light at the end of the tunnel. Striking matches in the darkness, Today is the Day mastermind Steve Austin captured a glimpse of the Ichabod reality whilst recording "Let the Bad Times Roll". So listen carefully, and if you can stand to let your eyes adjust to the blackness, look for the light in Ichabod's epitaph for humanity…
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Sabbath, Neurosis, Pink Floyd, Doors, The Verve, Kyuss, Clutch, Unsane, The Melvins, The Who, Negative Approach, The Beatles, Bad Brains, Today Is The Day, St. Vitus, Deep Purple, Hawkwind, COC, Nick Cave, Monster Magnet, Soundgarden, Godflesh, Nuclear Assault, Captain Beyond, Slayer, Tom Waits, Acid Bath, EYEHATEGOD, QOTSA, The Jesus Lizard, Misfits, Metallica, Black Flag, Discharge, Helmey, King Crimson, Mercyful Fate/KD, Entombed, Motorhead, Maiden, Sleep, High On Fire, Cro-Mags, Type O Negative, Pentagram, The Stooges, Patton, Jeff Buckley, CCR...ect.
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Band Members: Ken, Dave, Greg, Phil
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