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play hi-fi  I lift my eyes up to the Hills.mp3
play hi-fi  I have taken my refuge in you
play hi-fi  here is our song 404721
play hi-fi  God made all of us special
play hi-fi  Red Sea Pedestrians
play hi-fi  Out of the depths
play hi-fi  All I have I give to You
play hi-fi  Humbled I come to you
play hi-fi  I'll oft recall
play hi-fi  I'll praise you in the sunshine
Hi there, I am a Christian, writing songs for church worship. These recordings are just demos to get the song across so that you can use the song in your own church. Mostly just a guitar & vocal. not at all polished ir intended for broadcast. Think sonic notepad....... Anyway, please feel free to use them if you feel that any of these songs will help your worship, but please play the game and tell CCLI that you are using them, (and hey! let me know too!). If CCLI know, then I'll get a few pennies for guitar strings. In the meantime, if you want to use them go ahead!! By the way, the chords on the lyric pages don't line up with where they should be. Something to do with the format changes as they go from Word to whatever the makers of Soundclick use. The chords are right...... in the right order........they're just in the wrong places.......... :(

God bless you for listening, and I hope you like the songs


That pic isn't me, it's my littlest daughter Lois >=>
Why this name?
I didn't, my parents did when I was born.
Do you play live?
I live in Northern Ireland and worship in the Church of the Good Shepherd (COGS) in Monkstown which is about 7 miles north of Belfast. All my playing is leading worship in various services and meetings in the church although I have also played at Summer Madness (Ireland's biggest Christian festival - )and a few other big events
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I don't see myself as a "front line" performer. To be honest I'm simply not good enough a musician or singer. But if Matt Redman or Delerious? or anyone else for that matter want to use my songs I'll be delighted! Infact if ANYONE feels that these songs will help with thier worship then I'd be delighted! Any songwriter wants their songs in the public arena. My dream is to go to church somewhere and hear one of my songs..........
Band History:
Been Playing guitar for nearly 30 years, writing on and off for most of that time. Leading worship for the last 8 years or so.
Your influences?
Acoustic worship. More Vineyard, Michael Card (met him once... nice guy!), Matt Redman, Tim Smith, Robin Mark than Hillsongs. Other great influences are the wonderful community at the Christian songwriter forum...

and don't forget to tell 'em I sent you!!

Favorite spot?
Spot as in Zit? I had a really good one beside my nose a few weeks ago.........
Equipment used:
Heavilly modded Encore strat (DiMarzio PAF Pros)

I make my own instruments......
fanned fret Onagnkol Sitka acoustic
Rosewood Cedar jumbo guitar
Leopardwood Cedar 00 guitar
Walnut Sitka acoustic bass
Walnut Sitka mandolin
Rosewood spruce Bouzouki
double cutaway electric guitar with piezo bridge
mandostrat electric mandolin
4 string electric bass
5 string fanned fret electric bass
Roland GP8, Dod G7, ART multiverb
trace elliot/peavy 150w hybrid amp
Laney session 40 amp
Marshall AS50R amp
Roland Cube 60 reverb amp
Squier 10w amp
Anything else...?
I'll soo have a web site up at
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