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Available to the public for the first time, here, are the works of Flash Daddy! These masterpieces are undoubtedly an evolutionary step in the building up of a lyrical and musical force that the world will have no alternative other than to change and adapt so as to not strain its very existence when these works gain prevalence! The very world that tried to destroy Flash Daddy will one day embrace him! No cliche, no political or sports figure, no celebrity, no nothing is safe from the lyrical jabs of Flash Daddy! Alas, Flash Daddy's works are no longer coming en masse, because he is currently spitting rhymes as Murdercedes, who also has a soundclick site! Check 'em out! And cherish this treasure trove of timeless tunes!
Why this name?
Flash Daddy was actually a character/name i made up in the 9th grade, back in 1998. I finally assumed the identity of Flash Daddy in the Spring of '02. I'm not officially Flash Daddy anymore though!
Do you play live?
If you count singing in the shower live, then yeah.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I've come to the conclusion that mp3's are crappy versions of CD quality songs. If you compare to a 128 Kbp/s song to a CD song...see for yourself. But as far as the internet's concerned, it's much cheaper to buy used CD's off Amazon and Ebay than schlep to the Best Buy and plunk down 15 smackers for something i could get for 7 (plus shipping and handling).
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah I'd be honored to become a Jessica Simpleton/Nick Latchkey type person who never gets hungry again, and who can just go out and say "I want that Hummer" and God puts it in their driveway.
Band History:
I started recording at age 12. I guess you could say I was a "breaks" artist, but I was a one man band with 2 tape recorders and a bunch of drums. My biggest influence back then was Beck, and I ate his Odelay album up. Oh to be back in 7th grade. In 8th grade I changed my name to Juicy Bruce, and had a pair of dogtags with my new name on them made at an airshow, and to this day I wear them on my neck. Well a few months later some family members told me that Juicy Bruce sounded like a gay stud's name, so I dropped it and became Muff N in 9th grade. Hell I'm still Muff N. He's the man behind the scene. I didn't start rapping, though, until I took creative writing in the 10th grade. My first song was about my skills at Mario Bros. games. Soon I started writing more songs about my vidgame skillz, and then branched to more topics, such as making fun of Pokemon kids, soccer moms, and dumb Florida voters. My creative writing teacher once told me that I had my finger on the pulse of America. All the while I honed my musical talents on the MTV Music Generator, and made some epic compositions. But you can't burn your creations to CD, and I don't possess the technology to burn from cassette tapes to CD. Well, in Spring 2002, I got an idea. I found a microphone, plugged it into the computer, opened up sound recorder and...whoa it worked! I started surfing the internet looking for wav files and beats and found (or com i forget). My first track was called "Flash Daddy Song 1" or something. Well the snowball started rolling, and I created about 6 songs. Like a dumbass I loaded them all up into Kazaa and deleted them. I started from scratch once again and made a song in Summer 2002, called "Muff N Loses A Freestyling Contest," which is the oldest surviving computer generated song I have. It's a pile of crap though! The best rhyme to come out of it was "step to me and I'll give you a souvenir/like Mike Tyson I'll bite off your ear!" and then I embarrass myself freestyling. All I did was improve after that though. I got a free ride to the beach with my brother's baseball team, and dammit I was 18, had a car and the world was my bi***. I came back with assloads of inspiration and vitality after meeting some girls down there (one of which I still have a place in my heart for, even screw it), and busted out Pimp of the Future, my most ambitious work to date. I made it 100% on the sound recorder and dispersed it amongst a very small cadre of people. Well I took a break from rapping for a while until I started college...then I got to work. I wasn't going to press all my songs to CD until i had amassed about 20 of them, but when I got to 15 songs, my computer died, and I lost all of them. I believe the government killed my computer, because I had a song on there making fun of Justin Timberlake. Either way, I lost a whole crapload of music. I crashed and burned that holiday season, just like I seem to do every holiday season. But like a phoenix i rose from the ashes and started from scratch in 2003. Except in 2003 my microphone started dying, so the quality went way down. Nonetheless it was a year of honing my skills and exercising my creativity. Finally 2004 came and I was about ready to quit as Flash Daddy and move on to greater things. I still had a lot of stuff to get off my chest. I didn't want the rhymes to go to waste so when I got Fruity Loops in January 2004, I made the last works of Flash Daddy, and changed my name to Murdercedes, charging into an abyss where I basically tore myself apart so that when I'm put together after this lyrical bootcamp, the bonds will be stronger. One day though I believe Flash Daddy will come back.
Your influences?
Beck, Andre Nickatina, screwed and chopped Texas rap, Bay Area rap, Beastie Boys, old school skating rink music, Sir Mix-A-Lot, etc.
Favorite spot?
The Brunswick coast of North Carolina and the Grand Strand of South Carolina, especially the strip on Myrtle Beach, mid July. To me the apex of the year. I'm stuck in traffic that's moving about 2 blocks an hour. If Christmas is the North Pole than this is the South Pole.
Equipment used:
FruityLoops, Sound Recorder, Microphone
Anything else...?
Note to self:

When or if you do ascend to the status you dream of, never forget the nights that made you what you are. Never forget the people who screwed you over. Never forget the girls who ignored you. So when you do achieve that goal you'll make up for the deprivation and involuntary asceticism by screwing the world as hard as you can!

That's Murdercedes talking. Anyway this is just a showcase of a chapter in my life that is responsible for what I am now. Enjoy!!
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