NEWS   November 2017: Darksilver Records America announces the release of the Twenty-Seventh Michael Lee Thomas Album, 'Just Past The Fall', featuring 14 New "Thermal Romantic" Smooth Jazz & Jazz Fusion cuts! The Twenty-Eighth MLT album, 'Afterland' is set for Fall 2018. For more info:
Thermal Romantic Jazz, Music from the Edge of Passion. Smooth, Relaxing Jazz Instrumentals rich with New Age colors. Since his Debut Album release in 1989, Ground-breaking instrumentalist and self-taught keyboard aficionado Michael Lee Thomas has established a unique Multi-genre style combining elements of Jazz,New Age,Fusion and Rock. Michael has developed this tasteful mixture into smooth but powerfully composed musical Jazz Soundscapes. Calling the style "Thermal Romantic", the overall presence is a warm rhythmic feel, complimented with nice Grand Piano and well done Lead Synth emphasis. Each piece evolves & transcends through counter-melodic changes and lush passages maintaining a nice groove and drive. While Michael Lee's Hard Rock background influences the up-front Drums and strong Bass foundation on some cuts, another stand-out is his crafted use of fragile percussives. Adventurous and fresh, these expressive compositions have a soft edge that cuts through. Sometimes a slow Jazz funk and sometimes a delicate glide through a haunting dream. Michael Lee's vast experience with Soundtrack production has helped develop his mastery of complex New Age textures.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has allowed a type of exposure unheard of Fifteen years ago. Many more artists are given a chance to let the public and the world hear their music.
Band History:
Well known in the New Age genre, Michael Lee Thomas is now highly recognized in the Instrumental Jazz arena. During the time between his initial Album releases, Michael Lee worked long and hard developing a more Smooth Jazz/Jazz Fusion based form of music. Introducing the new style of music he calls "Thermal Romantic" in 1999, with the release of 'J' & 'Project 7:Area 51', both albums were a departure from the more ethereal early LP's. Featuring a tasteful blend of Jazz/New Age/Fusion and even elements of Rock, Music from the Edge of Passion. Originally and still a Hard Rock drummer, Michael Lee's Instrumental Music projects primarily feature Keyboard Production. An experienced Producer & Recording Engineer, In 1981, he founded Darksilver Records and Realdream Productions, and in 1986, Darksilver Music (BMI). Constantly composing and refining his craft, Michael Lee currently has a digital catalog of over 1000 Masters and an additional 500 Analog Masters. Between Fall 2002 and 2015, Michael Lee released an additional Fifteen Albums bringing his disc total to Twenty-Six. A Four Volume, "Best of", Michael Lee Thomas Album set entitled 'Thermal Romantic Blend' - Volumes 1,2, 3 & 4. was Released between July 2013 - October 2014, with each Album containing Select 'Thermal Romantic' cuts previously released between 1989 - 2014. In Summer 2017, Volumes 5 & 6 were released along with 'Project 7: Chronicles', a "Best of" collection featuring 14 cuts from the Project 7 Trilogy (1999 - 2008) and 'Witches & Old Maids - Select Cuts', a 14 cut "Best of" collection from the Witches & Old Maids Album series (2002 -2003). The Twenty-Seventh Album, 'Just Past The Fall', was released in November 2017, and the Twenty-Eighth, 'Afterland', is slated for release in Fall 2018. Michael Lee has Two major side projects: THRILL ELEMENT, with Fourteen Albums featuring New Age & Soundscape compositions and NORM ALPERSON. with Three Albums focusing on Eclectic New Age & Jazz creations. Two other side projects, now retired, but still available for sale: GRAVITY QUIET, with Five Albums featuring Ambient/Soundscape and TOM SLAYTON EFFECT, with Five Albums featuring an Electro-Organic groove. In total, Michael Lee has released over 70 albums from his musical endeavors. Visit for more info and details
Your influences?
Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, David Sanborn, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis
Favorite spot?
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Anything else...?
Michael Lee Thomas - Discography: 'Fresh Out Of Nowhere' (1989); 'Voyager: Grand Tour Suite' (1990); 'Sleeper' (1990); 'After Just Before' (1992); 'J' (1999); 'Project 7: Area 51' (1999); 'Outlaws In Babylon' (2000); * - Passion Castle' -Vol. 1, * - Passion Castle - Vol. 2, * - 'Passion Castle' - Vol. 3 (2000); 'Predicting History' (2001); 'Project 7: Tau Ceti 4' (2001); 'From Here To There' (2002); 'Witches And Old Maids-East' (2002); 'Witches And Old Maids-West' (2002); 'Witches & Old Maids-North' (2003); 'Witches & Old Maids-South' (2003); 'Touching Illusions (2003); 'Valley of Time' (2004); 'Passing Through' (2005); 'Symptoms Of Reason' (2006); 'Evidence Of Memories' (2007); 'Project 7: Infinite Tomorrow' (2008); 'Home Away From Time' (2009); 'Resting Vertical' (2010); 'Thermal Romantic Blend' - Volume 1 (2013); 'Thermal Romantic Blend'- Volume 2 (2013); 'Casting Spells' (2013); 'Sometime Next Future' (2014); 'Thermal Romantic Blend'- Volume 3 (2014); 'Thermal Romantic Blend'- Volume 4 (2014); 'Far Away Near' (2014); 'Shades of Almost' (2015); 'Thermal Romantic Blend'- Volume 5 (2017); 'Thermal Romantic Blend'- Volume 6 (2017); 'Project 7: Chronicles' (2017); *- 'Project 7: Chronicles' - Part 1, * - 'Project 7: Chronicles' - Part 2, * - 'Project 7: Chronicles' - Part 3 (2017); 'Witches & Old Maids - Select Cuts' (2017); 'Just Past The Fall' (2017); 'Afterland' (2018); 'Mystery of When' (2018) (*- Soundclick Exclusive)
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