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just an underground head who loves hip hop so much i had to take part in it. peep my homie R!se's beatshere.
Why this name?
i cant cut or anything lol. it started out as a joke. I used to make mixtapes for people and my friend started callin me DJ E STOUFF (my name's Elan Stouffer...). dont really have a producer name yet.
Your influences?
Alchemist, DJ Premier, Megahertz, Necro, Evidence, Eligh, Grouch, Timbaland, The Prodigy, Amp Live, Rage Against the Machine, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk
Equipment used:
Computer (reason, acid, fruity loops) yamaha keyboard, b&o turntable (yeah just one lol)
Anything else...?
if you're an ill emcee and u on a lable and/or actually perform at shows and sh*** i might be willing to lace u with some beats for free just to get some promotion.