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Muiñeiras de Lugo y de Chantada
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Muieira de Lugo & Muieira de Chantada
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Amadian is a folk fusion band from Madrid (Spain). Its peculiar style has been forged from the fusion of the most traditional celtic music with ethnic rythms, root music and Guinness beer.
Why this name?
Amadian is a nonsense word, made by simply swapping two letters in the gaelic word 'amadain', which means 'fool'.
Band History:
The band was first formed in 1997 and has changed a lot since then, both in band members and musical style.
Your influences?
Blackmore's Night, Solas, Loreena McKennitt, Mike Oldfield, John Renbourn, Carlos Nuez, The Chieftains, Gwendal, Wolfstone
Equipment used:
A lot! Spanish and acoustic guitar, mandoline, galecian bagpipes, flutes, whistles, recorders, vocal harp, bodhran, djembe, tejoletas, rain stick, cowbell, rounded bell, Roland JV30 and Alesis QS6 keyboards.
Anything else...?
Our current line-up is:
Carmen Sinovas - Voice, bodhrán
David Bazo - Guitars, mandoline
Daniel Benito - Fiddle
Octavio Molano - Recorder, whistles
Javier Llorente 'Wayfarer' - Percussions, bodhran

Regular collaborator:
Elena Petrova - Voice, tambourine.
Amadian Demo 2009 Cover
Amadian Live 2/12/2006
Amadian Live 2/12/2006 - Cold East River