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David King
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play hi-fi  Are You Blogging This?
play hi-fi  Information Rap
play hi-fi  Brand New Day
play hi-fi  Watching God
play hi-fi  I Want to Fly
play hi-fi  Drifting Away
play hi-fi  Dulcimer Hymn
play hi-fi  Rose Again
play hi-fi  Unchanging Love
play hi-fi  Smoke on the Banjo
I absolutely love music, both writing and playing. I've played drums since 6th grade, and I took up guitar in college. I played drums in a band, and all my bandmates were writing songs... I felt left out! So I took up guitar so I could help write songs for my band.

The band is no more, but I still write songs! And (in my opinion) they're much better than what I used to write.

My songs are all recorded on my 4-track, then mixed to PC.
Your influences?
I love bands like Daniel Amos, Steve Taylor, REM, U2, etc.
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