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Blues guitar, by Chris Cain, blues music. deep, warm vocals have the maturity & authenticity of bluesmen like B.B. King & Albert King. A blues upbringing and jazz studies melded into a searing guitar style sending Cain to the top of the blues music scene.
Band History:
Chris Cain
When the rest of us were squirreling away decoder rings and rabbit foot key chains, you might have found guitar picks and the expressive musical ideas they coax in the pockets of Chris Cain. My childhood trinkets are now long gone, but let's be glad that Chris never lost custody of his.

A childhood full of normal boy stuff and musical encouragement had Chris determined to grow up either a middle linebacker—his first choice—or a blues guitar hero. Weighing in at no more than 120 lbs. in high school, Cain's plans changed and so did the landscape of progressive blues.

In the mid 80's, Chris and his buddies went looking for a paying gig. If they could get one with a bar tab included, it would be even better. Booking a show in the bay area without a demo tape or album was a sure way to get the bum's rush.

That being the challenge, Cain's freshman album "Late Night City Blues" shook the blues world. This outstanding debut project—financed on a shoestring—garnered no less than 4 "W.C. Handy" nominations and immediate international exposure.

Equal parts magician and musician, Chris pulls rabbits from deep within his musical top hat. At any given moment he will masterfully reincarnate legendary licks from the blues masters like as an homage to their importance, all while making it appear as simple as a effortless stroll down memory lane. That's when a live Chris Cain performance transitions into an almost nether-world blues seance. This celebration of American blues artistry is—in a way—more like Rich Little than Little Richard.

While in college studying—and later teaching—Chris found that jazz, often unlike blues, is a progressive art form where simply playing the guitar is no substitute for playing around with music itself. Throughout his career he has carefully set the table for a family reunion between those American cousins—blues and jazz. Cain has evolved into a player of such magnitude that Robben Ford—a legendary musician in his own right—regularly uses Chris as his opening act. He's shared musical moments with the best in the business and has thrilled an untold number of music lovers. But most of all what defines a musical evening with Chris Cain is one very important word: FUN!

Next time I run into him, I plan to ask him, "Chris, you didn't find that rabbits foot I lost as a kid, did you?"

Biography © 2002 Terry Nelson, Tugboat Brew Pub, Portland, Oregon

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Your influences?
Albert King, Michael Bloomfield
Favorite spot?
Tugboat BrewPub, Portland, OR
Anything else...?
Cain is BLUES