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Equinox (MS)
NEWS   Southern Fried to be relased in late spring/early summer. Upcoming tour with Malice. Airplay. Good times, and a few bucks hopefully. Mouths to feed ya know..............
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Equinox: Southern Fried 1993 and beyond....

Equinox, the name evokes images from the dark and foreboding side of life. From the black forests of the Southeastern U.S. where many are brought up to follow like cattle, Equinox has emerged as the ever present "middle finger" to such conformist views. For years, Equinox has toiled in relative obscurity while patiently waiting to unleash their debut album on an unsuspecting and unprepared world. Four individuals with different approaches to the same goal; fanning the the flames of the true spirit of rock and roll---blood, sweat, spit, puke, and other bodily fluids we can't mention here.
Their debut album "Southern Fried: 1993 and Beyond" showcases songs which got much request and airplay in the late 1990's. Now the collection is available to all. Eleven songs about life, the good times and the bad times, are included on this long awaited disc. Equinox will also soon launch a tour with fellow rock flame fanners Malice in support of "Southern Fried."

Alister Robbins: Lead Vox and Guitar
Jon "Mister" Lawless: Lead Guitar
Mase "Lord Macifer" Blackwell: Drums
Tony "No thanks, man" Englert: Bass and Vox
Why this name?
Mase got it while riding around stoned listening to a Styxx record.
Do you play live?
Hell yeah, why not play live. Any where and everywhere we will play. We love it, live for it, and have sacrificed much to keep doing it.
Too many to mention here. Lots of good times;;; sexx drugs rock and roll sexx again ha ha ha.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It will allow real music to get out to the people. The music industry only does this on occasion.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah, on our terms...........
Band History:
Many years, many beers, many, you get the picture.
Since the early 90's. Not serious til 1995. Played shows with Collective Soul, Eddie Money, Vallejo, Metallica cover band on Garage Inc. Tour, ACDC cover, Sknryd cover bands, Hell we opened for em all just about. Except Kiss Army, would love to do a show. Played all over Southern U.S. Broke down, marriage, relocation, divorce, kids, child support, alimony, new marriages, gothic metal band: Ravenous, Equinox again. Full Circle--there you go.
Your influences?
Here is a short list jumbled together. Kiss, Metallica, Great White, Slayer, Exodus, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Guns n' Roses, Motley Crue, Sepultura, Ozzy, Type O Negative, Prince, Rainbow, Black Sabbath........thousands more
Favorite spot?
Anywhere with people ready to have funnnnnnnnnnn
Equipment used:
Basic bones and balls set up.
Anything else...?
We want to play for you all, meet you all, and party with you all.
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