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Hip Hop
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...Two days ago, the world suffered a great loss. The most innovative and creative art form known to man, Hip Hop, was nailed to a cross and executed that morning. Millions of anti-hip hop personnel gathered together to witness Hip Hop parish at the hands of corporate America. Hundreds of faithful "hip hop heads" stood in protest and fought hard to stop the crucifixion, but they where two strongly outnumbered, and Hip Hop finally bled to death that evening.

Yesterday, the streets of every major city in this wonderful country where filled with outrageous crowds of people. This event was covered nationally by MTV and BET, as well as major radio stations such as New York's Hot 97, and Detroit's WJLB. There was champagne for everyone, and people showed up dressed in there finest tailored Gucci and Versace outfits, covered in diamonds from head to toe, all together to rejoice in there new found freedom from creative expression.

Early this morning, THETHYRDAY since the crucifixion, a small group of "hip hop heads" set up a candle light vidual, to be held that evening in honor of Hip Hop, in little known Durham, NC. There was poetry, and an all-star tribute to Hip Hop performed by a group of local artists. This peaceful ceremony was soon interrupted by a group of diamond studded individuals, who called themselves "ballers." These men, rampaged through the crowd, and demanded they be shown where Hip Hop was buried. The men where led to a small wooded gravesite, and began to frantically dig, seeking to further humiliate the already deceased art form. As the men raised the casket from the ground, and removed its top, they where met with sudden surprise. The casket was empty except for a small note that read:
"Hip Hop has Risen: The Perfection Xpirament...coming soon."
Why this name?
Just as Christ rose from the grave on the third day, Hip Hop will rise with THETHYRDAY, be prepared.
Do you play live?
All over North Carolina!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
The Perfection Xpirament, the debut project, from THETHYRDAY(3D), is a highly innovative project which focuses on outstanding production, from the group's main beatsmith Khrysis, among others, as well as extensive wordplay and creative subject matter. 3D consists of three 18 year old emcees, J. Gunn, Killa K, and Slack, who have over 25 years of combined experience making hip hop music. The artists have worked with such industry legends as Mike City, Big Daddy Kane, and Terminator X of Public Enemy. Legends in their own right, in the North Carolina underground, THETHYRDAY intends to resurrect true hip hop and bring its essence back to the mainstream of America where it belongs......Just as Christ rose from the grave on the third day, Hip Hop will rise with THETHYRDAY, be prepared.
Favorite spot?
Missie Anne (The Studio), and Slack's state of the art studio!
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