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Hiatus Andrew Jackson
NEWS   CONFIRMED: My New CD (14 tracks) "Expressions of Passion" is currently available at all my shows, and by contacting me through the email address listed on this site. Also, check me out at
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play hi-fi  Lost and Found
play hi-fi  Wish You Were Here
play hi-fi  Road to Scarborough
play hi-fi  1000 Steps
play hi-fi  Its my time
play hi-fi  The Moorish I miss you
play hi-fi  Improv de C
play hi-fi  Hammerin-On
play hi-fi  Mediterranean Summer
play hi-fi  Celebrate
Widely respected as “The Guitar Chameleon,” provides an array of solo acoustic guitar combinations (Latin, Jazz, Folk, Hawaiian Slack-key, Americana and Classical), of original compositions, using alternative tunings, flat-picking and percussive fingerstyle techniques. Each song is woven with melody, bass, counter melody, harmony, rhythm & cross rhythms. Andrew has shared the stage with worldclass guitarists Alex de Grassi, Muriel Anderson,Dorien Michael,Pat Milliken,George Quirin, Bruce Goldish and Thomas Leeb. Mainly known as an accomplished acoustic guitarist, Andrew also produces several fingerstyle guitar shows each year called "The Santa Barbara Acoustic Concert Series", and a songwriters showcase called, "The Circle of Friends Showcase." Andrew's music is considered, inspirational, motivational, "on-edge", and passionate. I've seen the audience in tears after one of Andrew's performances, as well as watched other guitarists transfixed at Andrew's unique fingerstyle techniques. With the right direction, we can only hope his music will touch many listeners for years to come. (K.Bartlett) "My main musical goal in life right now is to promote acoustic guitarist's/singersongwriter's,(small and huge)perform, and share my music with the world" (Andrew)
Why this name?
Actually, Hiatus is the name of my debut 1st CD scheduled to be released early 2005. My stage name is Andrew Jackson. Hiatus represents a return to the stage (14 years) and my maturing as a instrumental acoustic guitarist
Do you play live?
I perform live mainly along the central coast of California. Theres nothing like performing live to an attentive audience. I would have to say one of the highlights of my music journey was 2003 when I opened for my longtime mentor, Alex de Grassi. I had been exploring his tunings for years, and to finally play a song for him in one of his tunings was epic for me.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It provides another accessible avenue for a music listener to explore while never having to leave their home PC, and is available 24/7.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would love to sign with a label someday. As a independent guitarist, theres a lot of work involved with booking and marketing your own shows. I would be open to any positive suggestions from others to help get my music out in to the public.
Band History:
I started teaching myself how to play the guitar at the early age of 14. I played all the way through my college years, but stopped once I started my day job career. It wasnt till 2001, I walked into a open mic and borrowed a guitar, and played so hard, my fingers bled. It was at that moment, I decided to keep performing.


Muddy Waters Coffee House,Santa Barbara, CA
Dargans Irish Pub, Santa Barbara, CA
Linnaeas Coffee House, San Luis Obispo, CA
Bogarts Café, Santa Barbara, CA
Good Earth Restaurant, Goleta, CA
July 4th 2001, Santa Barbara Historical Mission Arts Festival, Santa Barbara, CA
2001 Firestone Vineyard MTB Race (Music Director/performer) Santa Ynez, CA
Morninglory Music, Santa Barbara, CA
Garden Café Coffee House, Ventura, CA
Cold Springs Tavern, Santa Barbara, CA
Coach House, Santa Barbara, CA
2001 Santa Barbara Organic Festival, Oak Park, Santa Barbara, CA
2001 Santa Barbara Music Academy, Santa Barbara, CA
2001 Leukemia 24hr Walk-a-Thon, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA
2001 Santa Barbara Presidio Concert, (with Bruce Goldish and Pat Milliken)
Santa Barbara Open Air Art Festival, Santa Barbara, CA
Mulligans, Santa Barbara, CA
Creekside Art Festival, 2001, Santa Barbara, CA
2001 13th Annual Art Walk Festival,Santa Barbara Natural History Museum
2002 Santa Barbara Lemon Festival, Stoll Park, Santa Barbara, CA
Blue Skye Café, 699 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA
2-Dogs Coffee, Morro Bay, CA
Calle Real Cafe, Goleta, CA
2002 Soho Bar & Restaurant, Santa Barbara, CA (REDSTAR Showcase)
Calle Real Café, Goleta, CA
Soho Bar & Restaurant, Santa Barbara,CA (2002 Men in Music Showcase)
2002 Santa Barbara County Fair, Santa Barbara, CA
2002 Firestone Walker Brewery Co. XC MTB Race(Music Director,performer) Santa YnezCA
Cisco’s, San Luis Obispo, CA
2002 Santa Barbara Presidio Concert, Santa Barbara, CA (Performance with Dorien Michael and Bruce Goldish)
July 4th 2002, Santa Barbara Historical Mission Arts Festival, Santa Barbara Mission, Santa Barbara, CA
2002 Soho Bar & Restaurant, Santa Barbara, CA (Opened for 3 Days Later CD Release Party, had Ron Antman & John Mooy accompany me)
2003 Firestone Walker Brewery Co. XC MTB Race, Santa Barbara, CA (Music Producer, Performer, Director)
July 4th 2003, Santa Barbara Historical Mission Arts Festival, Santa Barbara Mission, Santa Barbara, CA
02/23/03, Santa Barbara Acoustic Series,@ The Coach House, 110 Santa Barbara St., Santa Barbara, CA with Clare Muldare, Stevie Gurr, Michael Fry, and Susan Reeves (Director, Producer, Performer)
04/06/03, Santa Barbara Acoustic Series,@ The Coach House, 110 Santa Barbara St., Santa Barbara, CA with Ian Jones (; Jerry Wagers ( Alexas D (; Ron Antman; Andrew Jackson; Keith Varon, and “Orleans” (
2003 14th Annual Art Walk Festival, @ Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, Fleissman Auditorium, Santa Barbara CA
04/29/03, Santa Barbara Acoustic Series, @ Soho, Santa Barbara, CA featuring Wildsage ( and The Qwan. (Producer)
Sept 21, 2003, Soho, Santa Barbara, sharing the stage with one of today’s greatest instrumental steelstring guitarist’s Alex de Grassi
May 2004, Santa Barbara Acoustic Concert Series,@Soho, Santa Barbara, with Chirs Cairns and Noelle Price. (Performer and Producer)
2004 Firestone Walker Brewery Co. XC MTB Race, Santa Barbara, CA (Music Producer, Performer, Director)
July 4th 2004, Santa Barbara Historical Mission Arts Festival, Santa Barbara Mission, Santa Barbara, CA
07/18/04, Santa Barbara Acoustic Series, @ Soho, Santa Barbara, CA featuring Myself, Cinder Jean and Ron Antman. (Director, Performer, and Producer)
09/15/04, Santa Barbara Acoustic Series, @ Soho, Santa Barbara, CA Opened for Muriel Anderson, one of today’s most widely respected premier woman fingerstyle guitarist on the scene.
2004 15th Annual Art Walk Festival, @ Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, Fleissman Auditorium, Santa Barbara CA
11/28/04, Santa Barbara Acoustic Series, “Circle of Friends Showcase” @ Soho, Santa Barbara, CA featuring myself, with 12 of Santa Barbara’s best singer songwriters. (Director, Performer, and Producer)
01/26/05, Wave of Love, American Red Cross and Direct Relief Fund Raiser for Tsunami victims, Marjore Luke Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA (Performer and Stage Manager)
01/28/05, Opening act for Muriel Anderson @ Wayne Marshall House Concerts, Santa Barbara, CA
02/26/05 Opening Act with violinist Barbara Coventry for Thomas Leeb at Wayne Marshall House Concerts, Santa Barbara, CA
2005 Firestone Walker MTB Race: Music Director and performer
Santa Barbara Acoustic Concert Series, June 4th, 2005, at the Presidio, with George Quirin and Pat Millekin
2005 July 23rd, Santa Barbara Beer and Classic Car Show; Music Director/Promoter, and performer
Sept 2, 05 Santa Barbara Environmental Defense Center, with Barbara Coventry
Sept 10th,o5 Santa Barbara Presidio, with Thomas Leeb and Barbara Coventry
Sept 25, Santa Barbara Artwalk, with Barbara Coventry
Dec 10th 2005: Wyland Art Gallery (Fund Raiser for Environmental Defense Center)
Dec. 27th 2005: Live performance on Cox Cable Televisions, "Musical Cafe" with Barbara Coventry
Jan 7th 2005 Live Solo performance on KCXB NPR Radio "Minstrel Song Show, Sonnie Brown hosting
Jan 11th 2006, "Signature Fingerstyle Guitar Minstrel Concert, with Dorian Micheal and Thomas Leeb at SOho, Santa Barbara, CA
March 4th 2006 Main Stage "Whale Festival", Santa Barbara CA
July 2, 2006; Santa Barbara Environmental Defense Center Benefit Concert, SOho, Santa Barbara, CA
July 21, 2006; El Presidio De Santa Barbara Concert with Lily Wilson, Santa Barbara,CA
August 5, 2006; Fiesta Celebration @ Northstar,Santa Barbara, CA with Duende Project, Bear Erickson and Brian Jacobs
August 15, 2006 @ Aldos, Santa Barbara, CA
Sept 8th , 2006 Montecito Private Estate fund raiser for Pacific Pride Foundation
Sept 24, 2006, San Ysidro Ranch
Oct 1, 2006, Artwalk, Santa Barbara Natural History Museum
Oct 6, 2006, Andalucia Masqerade Ball, Santa Barbara, with Duende Project; members, Barbara Coventry, Bear Erickson, & Brian Jacobs.
Dec. 1st, 2006, Fund Raiser for Santa Barbara Environmental Defense Center, @ Artamoo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
ec 2nd, 2006, Cottage Hospital Xmas party, with Brian Jacobs on percussion @ Stella Maries, Santa Barbara, CA
Jan 16, 2007, @ SOho, Santa Barbara, CA, with Vickie Genfan, Steve Lawson, Brian Jacobs, Bear Erickson and Barbara Coventry
Jan 27th, 2007 @ Northstar, Santa Barbara, with John Batdorf and Brian Jacobs
Jan 27th, 2007 @ Cold Spring Tavern, Santa Barbara, CA, with James Hurley and Brian Jacobs.
March 9th, 2007 Individual Arts Fund Award for Instrumental Guitar, @ The Santa Barbara Art Fund, Santa Barbara, CA
April 6th, 2007 Mazque Ball @ the Andalucia Hotel Rooftop, Santa Barbara, CA with Brian Jacobs
April 14, 2007, @ the new Jensen Music Mainstage Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA
April 28th-29th, 2007@ The 8th Annual Firestone Vinyard Mountain Bike Races, Los Olivos, CA with Magister and ONA
May 11th, 2007 @ The Environmental Defense Center, Santa Barbara, CA, TGIF Party
May 27th, 2007 @ Annual Ojai Arts Festival, Libby Park, Ojai, CA
July 29th, 2007 @ Circle of Friends Benefit Concert for The Environmental Defense Center, SOho, Santa Barbara, CA
September 8th, 2007 @ El Presidio, Santa Barbara, CA with John Batdorf
September 15th, Ojai Arts Center Concert with Goh Kurosawa
November 10th, Opening (with Brian Jacobs/percussion) for Batdorf & Rodney at The Verity Room, Topanga Canyon, CA
Your influences?
Alex de Grassi, Pierre Bensusan, Paco de Lucia, Michael Hedges, Muriel Anderson, Jeff Pevar, David Crosby, and Bruce Goldish
Favorite spot?
Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo, California
Equipment used:
Santa Cruz F (cut-out) Martin 000-15, 1976 Takimine EF-360 C, Shertler under the saddle mics, Shure P81 Condensor instrument mic.s, 1958 Harmony Classical, Custom Flamenco Guitar (bought used, cant find luthier info sounds and plays incredible) Fishman Stagepro pre-amps, and acrlyic gel (of course)
Anything else...?
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