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"Awesome! Simply brilliant, the sort of music that stops you dead and demands that you listen. Its music that soothes, relaxes and inspires all at the same time - whether you are playing or listening. What a talent this man is."

— R. Evans (Age 24)
Acocks Green , Birmingham UK

"I was deeply moved by the brilliant melodies and the sensitive way in which they were performed."

— Lex de Azevedo
Golden Globe nominee

"Wow - and that doesn't even quite describe it. As my husband AND my grandchildren enjoyed Jon's music - it states volumes of the reach to all ages, of the amazing talent of this man."

— M. Durrell (Age 44)
Lenexa, KS

"The first time I saw Jon Schmidt perform I was blown away."

— Specer F. Eccles
CEO & Chairman, First Security Corporation
"Jon's music touches your spirit and soul in ways that you won't believe are possible. You will be treated to a fantastic, beautifully articulated, musical experience far beyond your expectations."

— L. Casterline (Age 42)

"We love each of Jon's CD's! He's a definite favorite in our home."

— Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.

"Way awesome. Crazy music, very fun to play, but must take stimulants and steroids to pull it off. Challenging. Dang fast. Happy music."

— Matt Morrell (Age 16)

"Two words describe Jon's music: energizing and inspirational."

— Terry Haas, V.P. Novell.

"Jon is a miracle maker on the piano. He incorporates every human emotion there is into his music. When he plays, he plays with so much emotion, it almost makes you dizzy. The man is purely amazing.."

— M. Wright (Age 17)
Do you play live?
I love playing live througout North America and do so frequently.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Finally, a playing field that is approaching level for the little guy.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If I ever found a record contract that was fair to the artist.
Band History:
Jon Schmidt is a rare commodity in today's music world — he is an artist that will simply not play into a single musical genre. Often labeled a "New Age" artist, Jon takes the essence of New Age and turns it on its head. Adding elements of Rock 'n' Roll and Classical music, Jon takes New Age music to a place it has never been before.

With seven albums to his credit, Jon takes listeners on an exhilarating yet heart-felt musical journey. Jon's compositions rise above the "paint-by-numbers" songs of today. He has been able rescue the noble parts of New Age from the clutch's of "over extended synthesizers" to bring the listener exceptional, solid music that is fun and still poignant.  From the Classical Piano stylings of the wildly popular "Waterfall" (which Jon wrote as a teenager) to the Rock 'n' Roll hybrid "Pachelbel meets U2," Jon has been able to find a pure sound that is distinctly his own without ever succumbing to the trappings of the music genre.

With his eclectic blend of sounds, Jon has produced a loyal following that is just as diverse as his musical interests. Jon's music has crossed the great divide finding an audience across the globe. While Jon sees himself as an American artist in the West, his music has touched people the world over, as anyone can see from the response to his music online. As Reuben Evans, a UK fan states, "[Jon is] Awesome! Simply Brilliant, the sort of music that stops you dead and demands that you listen."

Jon's music has not simply crossed cultural divides but generations as well. From pre-teens to post Baby Boomer, the diversity of Jon's audience is a unique as the music itself.  As M. Durrell  from Kansas states, "[Because] my husband AND my grandchildren enjoy Jon's music — it states volumes of the reach to all ages..."

Because of Jon's strong musical appeal, his sheet music continues to touch the new crop of fresh pianists.  As thousands will attest, the "kid tested, parent/teacher approved" outcome illustrates why Jon's 6 volumes of musical scores fly off the store shelves. He has inspired teenagers to stick with their piano lessons and children to try it for themselves. Who would think that a New Age artist would have the teenyboppers of today raving about the "awesome" music?

Jon himself was raised on the masters. Born to German immigrants, classical music was a part of everyday life. Jon was playing Mozart Sonatas and composing his own music at the ripe old age of 11. Worried about what kind of future a musician father could provide a family, Jon majored in English with plans to continue on for an MBA. However, while performing occasional benefit shows during those college years his music began to take off. As Jon realized that people would give him a chance, he took a leap of faith and rented out the largest concert hall in Salt Lake City and presented his own concert. There was no turning back from his music. Jon is now both a happily married father of 5 and a successful musician.

Jon's live performance is everything you would expect from hearing his music. From the tender stories of the inspiration behind his music to the show stopping, acrobatic, pyrotechnic finale, Jon Schmidt puts on a show that cannot be duplicated. His laid back, fun-loving personality shines through, while he avoids the melodrama of "New Age" concerts. The spirit of his shows is not lost on audiences.  Jon has won the hearts of crowds internationally. He performs to sell out crowds and his annual Christmas Concert has become a staple of the Wasatch Front holiday season.

In a time where music is becoming more and about a brand to sell, Jon Schmidt is a breath of fresh air. Jon Schmidt is creating pure music that does not bow down to genre and image but rather rises above them to bring the listener an innovative music experience.

For free music downloads, free sheet music, and more information be sure to check out Jon's website at www.jonschmidt.com.
Your influences?
Manheim Steamroller, Billy Joel, Dave Grusin
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