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Ruined 888
NEWS   First semi-official release of my concept album, "Physical and Mental Collapse" now available from the store link.
New School
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play hi-fi  J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
play hi-fi  Baudscape
play hi-fi  Arrival
play hi-fi  FL3 Newstuff {Chillout Remix}
play hi-fi  Procrastination
play hi-fi  Dissasociative {Feat. Gordon Mearns}
play hi-fi  The Killing Floor
play hi-fi  Aphex Triplet
play hi-fi  Degeneration (The Beginning of Collapse)
play hi-fi  Cavern of Glass
Art should be painful, I believe that with every part of my being. Does this mean that I'm pretentious enough to call myself an artist? By Eris, I don't bloody know. I'm just trying to make your ears bleed.

Pay Me.
Why this name?
888 is a play on the Six hundred, Threescore and Six bit of St. John of the Ergot Poisoning's revelations that the x-tians take so serious, 888 would be representative of a being greater than God himself.
Such a being, above perfection would undoubtedly be ruined, or at least highly damaged. It makes sense to me, why do you care anyway?
Do you play live?
Yeah, sure, every now and then (once) someone will be drunk enough at a goth club to say, "Yeah, I need an opening act..." I'll bring some equipment down, plug in a drome CD, and usually freak the f*** outta the crowd with a spoken word piece composed just for that night.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet, as well as the MP3 format, has made it possible for sociopathic assholes like me to thrust this audible ear-f*** onto the unsuspecting masses...without being stoned to death in the town square afterwards...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
In all honesty, if some corporate panegyrist wanted to give me a fat wad of cash for making this noise and spouting my lunatic banter at the world. I'd take the money, thank him, kick him in the nuts, and use the money on completely selfish purchases and not give any to charity. I would say I'd spend some of it to make more music, but even if I doubled what it costs to make my music now....I'd still be spending nothing at all.
Band History:
I was born

I haven't choked on my food yet.
Your influences?
There's really no telling what influences me, I listen to everything. If anything is a testament to noise being a viable form of music, it's "Revolution #9" By the Beatles.
Favorite spot?
Pittsburgh, PA
Equipment used:
Sandpaper, tuning forks, microphones on EVERYTHING, electric fences, anything that will make noise...
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